MP3 premiere: Moviola – “Prison Cash”

MP3: Moviola – Prison Cash

I’ll just let Moviola‘s Jerry Dannemiller explain in his own words:

“Prison cash. Crown of thorns. 40 times round the horn.” We recorded this one in Used Kids a few months back essentially around one mic, except for a few bits. We are full grown men now; when we started doing Moviola, back at the dawn of the internet age, we were noisy shavers. Though the frequency with which we (Paul, Greg, Jerry, Ted, Jake, and in spirit, Scotty) collectively gather is far less, when we can, it’s no less hyper-intense. Just when you think you know every note, pause, or noise someone you’ve played music with for 15 years will make, they go and surprise you. What we haven’t done is stop recording—we’ve given away a new batch this year. They’ll be on vinyl soon. What we have done is stop talking about ourselves (except now), and hanging out in bars, so we rarely see people anymore. My dad used to say, ‘son, you have to make an effort to get together with old friends, because the older you get, there are fewer people who knew you when you were young.’ So there you go. Saturday night, we will see old and new friends in a bar, and play music with two other really good bands. Life is short. You should come.

Did you catch the good news about a Moviola vinyl release tucked in there? Anyway, as that blurb and the poster below indicate, Moviola will join Wussy (check out their ridiculously good new record Strawberry; more on that soon from Chip) and Marcy Mays’s Birds of Hair at Ace of Cups on Saturday:

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    Easily the worst band in Columbus.