Happy Holidays from Donewaiting.com, Rachael Yamagata and Mike Viola

Earlier this week we had the chance to hang out with Rachael Yamagata and Mike Viola for a few minutes before their show at The Basement. Seeing as how it’s the week of Christmas, we figured it would make sense to make this a holiday-themed interview.

WARNING: Mike Viola debunks a very, very, very famous Christmas myth – the BIGGEST Christmas myth – during the interview. Parents should NOT allow young kids to watch this unless you want to do some explaining!

Believe it or not, we didn’t notice the cartoon drawing on the couch that Rachael and Mike were sitting on until after the interview was over.

  • mariano

    So, as parents we should be worried about mike saying that there is no Santa, and not the huge dick in between them? Hahaha aha

    • Paul

      @Mariano: Ha! I nearly spit my beer all over the computer screen. Hilarious!