Favorite Albums of 2011: Wes Flexner

30.Mobb Deep-Black Cocaine

MP3: Mobb Deep- Conquer

I like Houston rap as much as the next guy. But sometimes a man enjoys Henroc out of a stryofoam cup instead of lean and sprite. Prodigy is home, and he is voting for Ron Paul like some sort of Q-Boro Vince Gallo. While I am not voting for Ron Paul this EP knocks.

29.Clams Casino- Instrumental Mixtape

Lil B is truely a great artist. A producer that makes music for the #basedgod is blessed, and an asset to humanity.

28.Bon Iver-Bon Iver

MP3: Holocene

Bon Iver is the new Thom Yorke/Phill Collins/Bill Clinton. Not bad for a fucking beardo.

27.Mr. Muthafuckin’ Exquire- Lost In Translation

MishkaNYC – Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Lost In Translation – 01 Triple F -prod. by Charli Brown Beatz-

I had a DJ Three tape I bought one of the first times I went to New York. MF Grimm had this great song about Emotions on it. His team had shoes made of ostrarich. The primary emotion was “fuck you”. This Lost In Translations tape reminds me of that song. More “Razerblade under the tongue” then “Hey, wait Bladerunner is kinda like living in NY.” The dystopia in the music was a product of the experience. Just because you have cancer you don’t have to tell me that radiation comes from machines. Sometimes your suffering, and alcoholism will suffice.
26.Prurient- Bermuda Drain

Until there is a PillowTalk full-lenghth this will do.

25.Big K.R.I.T.-The Return of 4eva

MP3: Dreamin’

B. Rabbit meets Devin The Dude. Who doesn’t love B. Rabbit and Devin the Dude as people?

24.Drake-Take Care

MP3: Drake- Over My Dead Body (Star Slinger Remix)

This is a really good album. I am just really mad at this album because of hearing “She Will” on the radio too many times.
I do not not hold “She Will” against Lil Wayne and it was on the Carter IV not Take Care. For some reason the idea of a sensitive artist reflecting on if a woman will jiggle her butt for him because he is famous creeps me the fuck out. Maybe it’s just makes me realize I am the only person male or female that doesn’t like strip clubs, or how women don’t mind combining money and sex. I bet whomever bought the most Steel Reserve at Occupy Wall Street was a polyamorous crust punk.

“She Will” is not on Take Care, which is a good album. I also like the Carter IV.

23.Envelope-This Could Go Either Way

MP3: Zip Zero ft N.P.

Envelope and Jacoti Sommes set-out to make a stripped-down, raw Hip Hop record inspired by early Wu-Tang’s zig-zag offness and analog warmness. Envelope’s skillset, and taste accidently caused This Could Go Either Way be sorta like if Heems worked with Clams Casino. Plus he is the only rapper from Columbus that was reviewed by Doug Mosurock or would even care to be.

22.Young Jeezy= Thug Motivation 103

This would be my album of the year if it had no R+B on it.

21.Random Axe-Random Axe

Hex Murda

20.The Roots-Undun

Conceptual and Musical album?!. And also think of the classic moments on LNWJFOFWKTA

19.Zola Jesus-Conatus

MP3: Zola Jesus -Hikikomori

People always tune me out when I tell them what my Goth album of the year is at the barber shop.

18.Vile Gash-Deluded

MP3: every day

No description available at this moment.

17.Unknown Mortal Orchestra

MP3: Ffunny Ffrends

Psychedelic and break heavy.

16.Curren$y-Covert Coup

MP3: Curren$y – Covert Coup – 09 Success Is My Cologne

Good production and flow will always be welcome.

15.Danny Brown & Black Milk- Black & Brown

Every real and active graffiti writer wants to be in Detroit right now.

14.Balam Acab-Wander/Wonder

MP3: Balam Acab- Oh, Why

This album is very soothing, and my enjoyment of it showed me that I was maturing.

13.Fly Union- The Greater Than Club

MP3: Fly Union- “Friends.Women.Money ft. Dom Kennedy”

Polished and smooth summer album.

12.Frank Ocean-Nostalgia, Ultra

MP3: Songs For Women

R. Kelly and Kid Cudi did wonders bringing cusswords and drugs into R+B.  Frank Ocean is the next step in “real talk”.

11.P.Blackk-Blackk Friday

MP3: They Know Me (Ft. Fly Union)

20-Year old Columbus rapper adds depression and disenchantment to being fresh. SWAG.

10.Twin Sister-In Heaven

Sometimes dream-pop. Sometimes R+B.

9.Ice Age- New Brigade

Take Joy Division out of tune and then make a louder Warsaw then you can get away with it.

8.Common- The Dreamer/The Believer


Common linking up with Obama and getting defended by Jon Stewart, and N.O. ID being Kanye’s Mentor gave the Chicago pair the freedom to reunite and make a strong Hip Hop album.

7.Prosanctus Iferi- Red Streams of Flesh

MP3: Prosanctus Inferi -Bent In Genuflexion

Beastial Black Metal from Columbus that is completely straight-forward, and uncompromising in it’s filth.

6.A$ap Rocky- LoveliveA$ap

MP3: ASAP Rocky- Palace (Prod By Clams Casino)

This shit is dope. Can we get Clams Casino to produce the next BONE album?

5.Kendrick Lamar-Section 80

Can we get Kendrick Lamar to produce the next Bone album?

4.Danny Brown-XXX

MP3: Scrap Or Die

Danny Brown said “fuck it I am about to hit 30. I can rock a grime accent and flow that will get me drugs and laid at the party then stop and bring it to some straight Detroit copper-stripping working class crime shit.”

3.Kanye West/Jay-Z-Watch the Throne

Super-refined artistic record that was both absurd and important.

2.The Black Keys-El Camino

Man, I wish I was in 7th grade rocking a jean-jacket and trying to meet a lady with this as my soundtrack.

1.Tyler,the Creator-Goblin

YouTube Preview Image

What..if you frequented this blog then you had to see this coming?! Fear at Saturday Night Live. The Marshall Mathers LP. Waka Flocka Flame. Crass Banned From Roxburry.

But Jazzy.

  • djpos2!!

    Pretty solid lists. There are alot of albums on here that I was feeling as well, oddly enough the bon iver. But I was unfamiliar with the unknown mortal orchestra record. Checked the description Wes and it caught my eye. Went and peeped the album and instantly this lp shot up to my favorite of the year. Really good stuff on here. This is something I have been wanting to hear. Good call.

  • Wes Flexner

    UMO should be a record that any Hip Hop dude that digs dusty sounding stuff can fuck with.
    Stoked you liked it.

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