“El Pasado Es Un Animal Grotesco” (The Past Is a Grotesque Animal) At The Wexner Center

El Pasado Es Un Animal Grotesco translates to (The Past Is a Grotesque Animal) which I guess you could ascertain in the header.  The title comes from an Of Montreal song.  It’s written and directed by Mariano Pensotti.  The play follows 4 people in Buenos Aires around over a ten year period and watches their lives unfold and unravel. Mr. Pensotti found 4 photographs and developed the story about these people from there. Although the play is in Spanish there are subtitles being projected in English on screens next to the stage. It sold the Wex out last night so I guess this probably adds to the experience.

Only two Columbus shows left. Tonight and Tomorrow. For ticket and time info hit up the Wex’s website.


  • Folme

    did this come to your attention after you saw this RT from wex?

    “One and the same RT @jshecket: @wexarts does the title of this show have anything to do with the Of Montreal song?”

    i know it. i know it so hard.

  • Wes Flexner