Listen: Mr. MFN eXquire Shares “Unthinkable (RemeX)” for Valentine’s Day

credit: richard perkins

from a press release:

As we ring in Peel Off Valentine’s in a Stretch H2 Hummer surrounded by stupendous breastis’s’s eXqo Bumaye, stops to reflect about the one and only valentine he really fucked with. Lacing his vocals over Alicia Key’s “Unthinkable”( shout out Megaupload for the Project files) eX tells the tale of love getting lost, like hinges dangling loose between two cars on a speeding train. Play this shit for your bitch on Valentine’s day so she knows its real.

Keep your clicks locked to Dallas The Kid Valentine’s day mixtape coming this Friday. PEEL OFF!

“I wrote this song about this bitch I used to f*ck with, my only valentine…”
– eXquire

listen after the jump.

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