Photos: The Black Keys at The Schottenstein Center

The Black Keys played in front of over 10,000 people in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday. Parts of the show were barebones. Parts were majestic. People loved it.

I figured I would share some candid photos with our good readers of DW.


The “Ratfink “Black Keys shirt is my favorite.  It has a 80 skate thrash vibe to it. Obviously, if you  frequent this site, then you are a familar with the shirt’s creator, the Black Keys art director Michael Carney.  Here is a recent interview with Mike that Ladygunn did.

YouTube Preview Image

live video of “Gold on the Ceiling” Taken from You-tube. as you can see it still feels close.

YouTube Preview Image

“Everlasting Light”  bringing the Majestic

YouTube Preview Image

“Lonely Boy”


There were a few camera crews filming something that will probably make people happy

After the show is the after party er—-  a group of us goofballing  backstage. This a photo of Patrick showing Michael and our friend Martin Hugo funny you-tube videos on his telephone

YouTube Preview Image

just two dudes from akron.

  • bk burger

    Great, I needed some more Black Keys news so I can jack off today.

    Enough of this shit. The most overrated band in decades.

  • That disco ball was amazing.

  • the hamburgarler

    the burger king on indianola did not have my french fries ready when i got to the window.
    someone should put a new wendy’s next to it.

  • Wendy From Wendy’s


  • balls


  • Flaccid Like Frosty

    Wendy, you ever put french fries in a Frosty?

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