Twin Sister Speaks On Kendrick Lamar/Dr. Dre’s “The Recipe”

Yesterday, Kendrick Lamar ‘s song “The Recipe” that featured Dr. Dre and sampled Twin Sister’s “Meet the Frownies” had the internet all Paul Wall.   I am impressed that the TDE/Aftermath camp didn’t use a big song like MGMT’s “Electric Feel”, Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”  or like a Radiohead song.  But instead they took a bit of a fairly obscure indie rock group like Twin Sister. Don’t get me wrong Twin Sister had one of the best records of last year but still…

Kendrick Lamar ft. Dr. Dre “The Recipe” (produced by Scoop Deville)

Life & Times spoke to the “The  Recipe”‘s  Producer Scoop Deville:

L+T: Why’d you sample Twin Sister?
 I was on my way to airport when I heard this song on KCRW, an indie radio station in LA– it was a premiere for their single called “Meet The Frownies.” As soon as that record kicked in, it already had me captivated. Then that voice came on–”Smokin’ weeed with youuuu…” It just did something to me where I had a “hip-hop producer moment,” like almost the same feeling when Eminem dropped “Stan” and everybody was like what sample is that? Musically and production-wise, it was incredible that it could bring something new and fresh to hip-hop. My appreciation of true art and great music is how that happened. Twin Sister, the Universe connected us through music.

Twin Sister “Meet the Frownies”

And L & T’s also got Twin Sister’s Response

Twin Sister, whose “Meet The Frownies” was sampled: “The idea of Dr. Dre hearing something that we made makes my head explode. Scoop’s work on the track is inspiring, he used sounds we made as a tool to help him create his own world. We are all about that. Doesn’t hurt that Kendrick Lamar is amazing either. Section 80 was great, can’t wait for the new record.”

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