Wednesday in Columbus: Alcest at Ace of Cups

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ATTENTION METAL FRANCOPHILES! Alcest is from France. That’s where I’m going with this. Please allow me to apologize in advance, but I can’t think of a more apt term to descibe them than EPIC (anyone who uses this term IRL/unironically deserves to be hanged, drawn and quartered). It’s also very pretty. And heavy. And French.

Alcest – that is music from another world, a world that is real, but that exists beyond ours and cannot be grasped by our senses. A world where all appearances – trees, glades, streams – emit a pearly light and where a faraway and celestial music fills the air like sweet perfume. A world inhabited by infinitely benevolent and protective beings of light, communicating in a wordless ‘language’ directly from one soul to another. A world where the soul knows neither pain nor sickness nor sorrow, but is filled with a deep peace and an ineffable bliss. A world that lies ‘before’ and ‘after,’ ‘beside’ and ‘behind’ our world and the awareness of which stills mankind’s fears of death.

Mercurial Void and Brujas del Sol open.

8pm doors, 9pm show
$13 at the door
Ages 18+

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