Vice Launches YouTube Channel

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Vice is announcing a launch of a You-tube Channel today. You like Epicly Later’d.?  Vice’s Guide to North Korea?   Noisey?  HBO?

After the jump read the press-release and also watch the orientation video above. Or just jump right in.


VICE Channel to Feature Captivating Original Programming That Is Approximately 1,288% More Interesting than 99% of Other Visual Stimuli
Channel Officially Debuts with Three Series Destined to Be Instant Classics and Bring About World Peace
Watch the first episode of VICE Today:
NEW YORK, NY (April 23, 2012) – TODAY VICE announces the launch of its new VICE channel on YouTube, and it’s going to burrow into your brain like an audiovisual botfly and take control of your senses in a way that will make your pants feel tingly. The VICE channel debuts with three sensational new series that will help legitimize YouTube as a place to watch videos that have nothing to do with Lady Gaga, Charlie biting his brother’s finger, or choreographed wedding entrances. In other words, actual shows with actual hosts and things that actually happen.
The VICE channel is the media company’s second channel to launch as part of a new content partnership with YouTube. In February, VICE launched its music channel, Noisey, which has racked up a jaw-dropping 30 million video views and over 40 thousand subscribers in just two months, and is laying the ground work for the future of music television.
New programming on the VICE channel will focus on short, absurd, and larf-filled segments that will be the super-powered mutant progeny of what VICE does best. Guiding you through all of this will be Ryan Duffy, a regular host on and contributing host for VICE’s upcoming series on HBO. VICE will regularly release specialty and tent-pole programming, including new “VICE Guides,” exclusive clips from VICE shoots, and cameos from our famous friends and family.
Additionally, the VICE channel will feature our best new and classic pieces from the library, produced by VICE’s network of 34 foreign bureaus and 3,500 contributors.
Examples include: our infiltration of the hermit kingdom of North Korea; our investigation of the Coltan mines in the Congolese jungle; the strange pointy boot dancers of Mexico; awkward interviews with black metal legends; Epicly Later’d, the most popular skateboarding show on the internet; and adorable animals doing all sorts of “awwwwww”-inducing stuff on The Cute Show. These pieces will be contextualized for the YouTube audience with new introductions from VICE personalities.
Check out the VICE YouTube Channel:
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The VICE channel debuts today with three new series:

VICE Today
VICE Today is a show about bad habits, embarrassing people for laughs, rude behavior, unavoidable truths, terrible decisions, joyous revelry, news of the day, and human nature, hosted by your friend Ryan Duffy.
VICE Presents
VICE Presents is a compendium of the best and newest videos from, specially tailored for YouTube. It is a black hole of awesomeness filled with our best news, music, travel, sports, fashion, and all sorts of other engrossing topics that will swallow you whole.
VICE Specials
VICE Specials is where we’ll throw everything that doesn’t fit into the two categories above. Herein you will find behind-the-scenes and deleted footage, response videos, long-form interviews, and maybe a few new VICE Guides that will make the world easier to understand.
The VICE channel is VICE’s second YouTube channel to launch in 2012, joining the Noisey channel which offers music fans the most extensive slate of original online music programming to date. Combining some of the best characteristics of the existing site with new original programming, the Noisey channel covers not only the artists who matter most, but the trends and opinions that make up today’s music culture—that is, the best live jams, geeky record-store clerks, smarmy critics, boob-flashing fans, destroyed hotel rooms, and everything in between.
Check out the Noisey YouTube Channel:
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About VICE
VICE is a leading global youth media company operating in over 34 countries, and includes the world’s premier original online video destination, VICE.COM; an international network of digital channels; a television production studio; a record label; an in-house creative services agency; and a book-publishing division.

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