Nelsonville Fest Preview: Mucca Pazza

Note: I’ll be trickling out some previews for sets that I’ll be sure to catch at the Nelsonville Music Festival throughout the week.   This is a rough chronological order.

Mucca Pazza isn’t necessarily a band who’s album would end up in my stereo on a Sunday morning, but live… good lord what a treat.   The self-dubbed “circus-punk” clan of 3o or so characters made up of horns and percussion and cheerleaders and who-knows-what else don thrift store band uniforms and make a spectacle of your middle school marching band nightmares.    One part Sousa, one part Klezmer, and at least one part pure funk, these Chicagoans  bring pure unadulterated joyous  fun.  Truly a highlight of the festival.

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