Saturday at Woodlands: Megacity Music Marathon feat. Times New Viking, Envelope, The High Strung, Psandwich, Southeast Engine, The Lindsay

Times New Viking‘s first Columbus in about a year, and probably last one for a while (though they’ve got a new EP coming out later this year).

The Lindsay‘s farewell show, and John Olexovitch’s last show with Psandwich.

Heavy Mole reunion. Rare Terribly Empty Pockets performance. Rare-ish Anna Ranger show.


Touring bands Southeast Engine, the High Strung, Shivering Timbers, Happy Maladies, Motel Beds, Smug Brothers, RobtheBank

Nuff said, right? Lots more, too. Everything starts at noon on Saturday at Woodlands Tavern. $10 today, $15 tomorrow. Full schedule of the three stages:

RED STAGE (Main Outdoor Stage)
1:30 Homemade
2:30 Forest & the Evergreens
3:30 Old Hundred
4:30 Terribly Empty Pockets
5:30 The Regrettes
6:30 Connections
7:30 The High Strung (Detroit)
8:30 The Lindsay

BLUE STAGE (Indoor; Opposite Main Bar)
1:30 Time and Temperature
2:30 Psychic Wheels
3:30 Messrs
4:30 Moon High
5:30 Good Company Total Foxx
6:30 Smug Brothers (Dayton)
7:30 Outer Spacist
9:00 Anna Ranger
10:00 The Motel Beds (Dayton)
11:00 Psandwich
12:00 Envelope
12:45 Times New Viking

WHITE STAGE (Indoor; Main Bar Side)
1 Audrey & Orwell
2 Tree of Fern
3 The Happy Maladies (Cincinnati)
4 Dolfish
5 Shivering Timbers (Akron)
6 Hex Net (Athens)
7 WV White
8:30 Slave Labia
9:30 Funerals
10:30 Heavy Mole
11:30 Rob The Bank
12:30 Southeast Engine

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