Review: Puscifer at The LC

The last time Maynard James Keenan and Puscifer came through town we were treated to a near Lynchian hoedown. On this particular occasion we were met by pilots and flight attendants flying the friendly skies of Vagina Air. Yes, Vagina Air.

Two large screens flanked the stage while two smaller picture frame-esque monitors stood side by directly in the middle of the stage. That was also where Maynard and the female counterpart of Puscier, British chanteuse and opener Carina Round would stand behind and gyrate being projected through a fisheye lens.

I have to admit I was quite surprised at how well behaved the crowd was as I was expecting a mosh explosion at any moment. I would estimate that a third of the crowd was wearing either a Tool or A Perfect Circle shirt and that a fair majority of them went home with a $35 Puscifer t-shirt on their back.

Between songs the crowd was treated to Vagina Air commercials with a catchy k-pop style jingle. There was even a airline cart and from what i could tell, peanuts or pretzles that band members took turns hurling into the crowd.

Beginning the night with Queen Bee and ending it with The Undertaker I can officially say I was colored impressed.

Tour Opener Carina Round play a short but powerful set that was met with somewhat indifference from the crowd, but I quite enjoyed it. Her latest record, Tigermending is out now and very much worth a spin.

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