Video: Jeff the Brotherhood – “Six Pack” (NSFW)

YouTube Preview Image

The above Jeff the Brotherhood video for Six Pack has the Nashville sibling duo canoeing with their friends and enjoying some booze. The song itself, “Six Pack”,  is produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. The video is NSFW because there are slight shots of wangs but it’s not gross and you kinda respect a band that has a party video that has women in bathing suits present in it but do not have to use boobs to keep your attention.  Dudes doing cannonballs with babes in a river.  Do you actually own swimming trunks? If so; did you buy them at Target?  Or did you go bathing suit shopping with one of your friends. I have never gone bathing suit shopping with any of my dudes. I’d rather let my nuts hang.

Jeff the Brotherhood will be playing the Basement in Columbus, Ohio, 08/01/2012 in support of their upcoming album Hypnotic Nights which drops 7/17/12.  This album was c0- produced by Jeff the Brotherhood and Dan Auerbach.

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