Bunbury Festival featured artist: Alberta Cross

This is a special preview. My daughter Olivia and her friend Connie will be accompanying us to the Bunbury Festival this week. The two will (hopefully) be talking to some of the bands after their sets and will provide daily video recaps from Cincinnati. Alberta Cross performed in Columbus last Friday night and Olivia and Connie had the chance to sit down with singer Petter Ericson Stakee (wearing the hat) and bassist Terry Wolfers to ask questions about Bunbury.

Alberta Cross performs on the Globili stage at 1:30pm on Saturday, July 14

Alberta Cross is a 5-piece based out of Brooklyn but with members from around the globe (including London, England and Columbus, Ohio). With a sound that mixes alt-rock, blues, and country-influenced roots rock, Alberta Cross has toured with the likes of Oasis, the Dave Matthews Band, Them Crooked Vultures, Dead Confederate, Everest, etc.

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