Show Review: Milk Music – Ace of Cups 7-25-12 Columbus, Ohio

Milk Music’s
set at Ace of Cups Wednesday had the Olympia, Washington band, who has made public their love of SST Records, going further away from Black Flag and continued their journey down the Dinosaur Jr. path. They played songs from “Beyond Living” and also some new stuff. The aggressive attack of “Violence Now” is certainly a thing of the past.

Milk Music’s show was executed very well. Some people remarked that they thought they were watching someone perfectly perform a Dinosaur Jr. historical study. It wasn’t fake though. The room had a warm feeling that doesn’t exist when someone apes another group’s sound dishonestly or superficially.

It would be obvious to state that Milk Music reminded me of another Olympia, Washington band Gun Outfit. Given that they both hail from the heart of grunge;  I think it’s interesting that they both taken a route similar to grunge but not quite.

For things to grow organically and not be a complete parody perhaps it makes more sense for grunge’s next generation  to start as punk bands and then evolve into a sound not directly like Nirvana but instead akin to bands that Nirvana listened to or were peers with?

Or maybe it boils down to smoking weed and not doing heroin.

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