Wednesday: Pomegranates @ Kobo

You know how there are local bands that sound local and then there are local bands that make you say, “No way can these guys be from here!” Pomegranates are one of those bands. Actually, they AREN’T from here (Columbus), they are based in Cincinnati, but they have that Austin/Silverlake/Brooklyn chic.

The band’s fourth album – the first for the Austin-based Modern Outsider (also home to Ume, Bad Veins, etc) – is called Heaven and if you think rock journalists haven’t described it as such, well, you’d be mistaken. Dual vocalists allow the band to avoid conventional trappings; there’s a variety of sounds and influences spread throughout, much of it straddling the line between underground rock and loft party dance pop.

Download: “Pass Away”

Pomegranates, She Bears and Cliffs will share the Kobo stage Wednesday night. Doors open at 8.

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