Friday: The Eastern Sea @ The Basement

I’ve never met the Austin, Texas band The Eastern Sea but if sounds tell the story, I bet they are really nice guys. I know another band of really nice guys – Death Cab for Cutie – who I saw perform at Bernie’s “back in the day” (an old guy like me can say that and truly mean it) and I remember them sincerely thanking the audience for paying attention after each and every song. It comes as no surprise, then, that The Eastern Sea sort of occupies that same sonic space as Death Cab – nice and dreamy guitars, pretty harmonies, very non-threatening vocals.

The band’s latest release, Plague, provides the perfect soundtrack to kicking back at the end of the work/school week, chilling with some friends and gearing up for the weekend and one can only imagine the blissful sounds that will be emerging from The Basement on Friday night as the multi-piece band (I’ve heard they have everything from 6 to 8 members) will fill every inch of the stage.

I’m going to go out and limb and guess they WON’T be bringing along any of the beer they brewed in the “The Lie” video – but maybe they’ll surprise you.

Before you go to the show, give The Plague a listen so you can sing along and give The Eastern Sea a proper Columbus welcome.

The Eastern Sea performs Friday night at The Basement. Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

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