reunion tour? See you in a few years.

You don’t give a funeral speech until there’s a dead body. And while Donewaiting’s going to be pulling the plug this weekend, I wasn’t born yesterday. I remember Kiss going on their 141-date Farewell Tour in 2000/2001. And how did that go for ya, Kiss? I wrote a story for MELT Magazine in 2010 about The Scorpions final tour (yes, the band was still touring in 2012). Donewaiting’s not done, don’t let Duffy fool you. Maybe it’s time for a re-tool. Maybe it’s time for some fresh blood. Maybe it’s time to take a breather. But while there are bands like The Smiths that turn down all sorts of offers, you never say never to a reunion and I’ll bet you’ll see Donewaiting rise from the ashes – maybe not in 2013 or 2014. But, if Duffy doesn’t renew the URL, I’ll swoop in and snag it and put together my own scab version of Donewaiting someday, just like Axl and the band he continues to call Guns N’ Roses.

I suppose I should say thanks to Duffy and the Donewaiting family for the 10 years of letting me write about ’80s hair metal and The Damnwells. And thanks to those of you (hi Lisa Ragland!) who have come up to me in clubs around town and said, “Hey, aren’t you the guy who writes for Donewaiting?” It’s been fun and, hell, throwing the Donewaiting name around has gotten me into shows, gotten me some interviews, etc., that I probably wouldn’t have gotten on my own.

That all being said, like a band going on hiatus, it’s time to announce my solo project! Or, in this case, solo projectS. While my finger isn’t exactly on the pulse of the Columbus music scene (that’s what attracted me to Donewaiting in the first place and it was Duffy’s love and enthusiasm of bands like Miranda Sound that got me to realize there really are good local bands in Columbus), since Donewaiting won’t be there to expose me to Columbus bands I should check out, I’ll find ’em on my own. I quietly launched Columbus Calling (a heavy nod to David Cobb’s Houston Calling, which originally was part of the Donewaiting empire) in December. I have some plans in the works, some things I always wanted to try here but never got around to doing. Stay tuned. My on-again/off-again site will focus on bands that AREN’T from Columbus. And then there is my current pride-and-joy (and time sucker), where I’ve created a monster in my own likeness – my daughter Olivia and her friend have interviewed 62 bands to date and we continue to have a full schedule.

“Did you say over? Nothing’s over until we decide it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain’t over now …”

Ted, we outta here (for now) (with apologies to Bobby Brown).