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Chomp: Done Waiting

Soundcloud: Done Waiting Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings have certainly been on the DW radar of late, what with their appearance at this fall’s Ohio Film + Music Fest and a new album recorded by Steve Albini slated for release in January. … Continue reading

Columbus concert calendar: September

A new month, a new calendar. There are always other shows happening that I’ve missed, and probably some relevant openers, too, so please add to this list in the comments. And don’t forget the Touring Bands coming to Ohio and … Continue reading

Pavement Reunion? Unlikely.

Everyone is going bonkers over a few select quotes from a forthcoming Entertainment Weekly weekly article. However Malkmus said in this month’s Spin, “We still all get on, but it’s hard to imagine that band being a living entity again. … Continue reading

Film Review: Fido

This engaging little zombie flick showed up in Columbus twice already this year, screening at last spring’s Ohio Science Fiction Marathon and then again at the Deep Focus Film Fest, and now it’s finally shambling back for a longer stay … Continue reading

eMusic is #2

While Rhapsody and other online services are chomping for a piece of the pie, eMusic quietly has become the #2 online mp3 seller, behind the iTunes music store. Not dealing with major labels is one of the reasons why. USA … Continue reading