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Listen: DJ Drama Ft. Tyler, the Creator, Waka Flocka Flame & Debo “I’m a Hata”

(thewackydelly) Well, when I interviewed Waka Flocka Flame  awhile back he said Tyler, the Creator was gonna be on the Triple F Life album. Obviously that didn’t happen. But here we are with Tyler and Waka espousing hate  along with … Continue reading

Tyler, The Creator is Supportive of Frank Ocean Coming Out

Frank Ocean of Odd Future posted the following letter on his tumblr that spoke openly about homosexual feelings he has. This makes him the second openly gay member of Odd Future. Tyler, the Creator who has been banned from playing festivals … Continue reading

Tyler, The Creator Tells Vice His Craziest Party Story

Project X is a movie produced by Todd Phillips of The Hangover and Old School about High School kids trying to throw the ultimate party. So Project X hit up Vice cause they figured they knew dudes that would have some wild things … Continue reading

Videos: Tony Hawk Interviews Tyler, the Creator

Birdhouse’s Number #1 Birdman, Tony Hawk interviews Tyler, the Creator. Loads of cursing. You also might want to look at Lil Wayne Skateboarding & And Waka Flocka hooking a random group of skaters up.

Video: Tyler, the Creator, MC Lyte, Childish Gambino on Cartoon Network’s the Regular Show

Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show stepped into the realm of the BET Cypher and had Tyler, the Creator, MC Lyte and Childish Gambino do the voices. Video is shaky but y’know. (clarification on voice-overs thanx to P4k.) More Tyler/Childish Gambino Regular … Continue reading

Spin Magazine’s “New Underground” Issue Has Cute Diagram & Info on the Next Tyler, the Creator Album

The new issue of Spin Magazine’s cover story is the New Underground in Hip Hop. Above is a humorous diagram that at some parts is a little off. I don’t think Jay Electronica sold his soul or that Nas is … Continue reading

MP3:Tyler, the Creator ft. Domo Genesis “Odd & Twisted” (Got It Twisted Peter Rosenberg Freestyle)

MP3:Tyler The Creator Ft. Domo Genesis – Odd & Twisted (Got It Twisted Freestyle) Odd Future’s Domo & Tyler rip Mobb Deep’s classic Got It Twisted beat while Peter Rosenberg makes jokes in a low voice.

When Parodies Collide: Game Disses Lil B in Interview And on Tyler, The Creator/ Lil Wayne Collab “Martians vs. Goblins”

MP3:The Game feat Tyler, the Creator + Lil Wayne -Martians vs. Goblins Has Game out trolled Lil B the Based God ? I love the Game’s music. However, between his meta-reference rhyme content, Mike Tyson-esque face tattoo and constant love … Continue reading

Video: Tyler, The Creator “She” (feat Frank Ocean)

Odd just posted “Visuals”  for Tyler, the Creator’s song “She” off the brilliant album, Goblin. I can barely type at this moment because the video is so goddamn funny. Starts off sorta on some “Trap N The Closet” and evolves … Continue reading

Video:Tyler, The Creator aka Thurnis Haley the Golf Pro Promoing Goblin

OFWGKTA’s Tyler goofballing as a golf-pro to promote Tyler’s upcoming album Goblin. The you-tube comments suggest pressing 5 and 8 while the video is playing to have full user-experience.