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Municipal Waste @ The Summit Tonight

Richmond, VA’s Municipal Waste are set to melt your face off at The Summit tonight. With their sound deeply rooted in 80’s thrash and crossover metal (S.O.D., Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I., etc.), and enough volume to peel the crust off the crustiest, these dudes know how to stir up a party. Hell, they even named one of their records Art Of Partying (the title track is killer!). If you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, I would suggest that you get there a little earlier (doors open @ 9pm), cuz this baby is probably gonna sell out!

Also on the bill are Voestek, Kingsblood, Infernal Death(!!!DEATH!!! tribute band) and Pollution. The weekend starts early!!!!

NoBunny @ Cafe Bourbon Street Tonight

MP3: Chuck Berry Holiday

On Thursday, June 17th, America’s favorite hard partying furball known as Nobunny is set to invade Cafe Bourbon Street. A wild good time is guaranteed! To those not in the know, Nobunny is a dude in a bunny mask who performs catchy rock & roll songs and turns the place upside down doing it, sometimes wearing nothing but the bunny mask. Sounds great, don’t it? But it’s not just about flying beers, bunny masks, and other shenanigans, which there’s gonna be plenty of. Nobunny’s debut LP Love Visions (2008) was packed with hooks that hang somewhere between Chuck Berry, Beach Boys and Ramones. It was received very well by reviewers and the fans alike. His wild stage antics only helped cement his notoriety. Since then he’s done a few singles, a couple of cassette tapes and a couple of comps. And lucky for us, it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down any time soon.

Bottom line, BE THERE! See it with your own eyes so you could some day tell the tale. Also, on the bill are local pop favorites Day Creeper and freshly back from their European (mis)adventures Savage Pinkos with their brand of bratty garage punk. See you there….

Mentally Ill @ Thee Bobo, Friday, 8/14!!!


MP3: Gacy’s Place

A lot of options this this upcoming Friday night in Columbus, OH. A lot of good shows. This is one of them and the one I will be attending. The line – up at Cafe Bourbon Street on August 14 is absolutely amazing. Four great punk bands that ranging from veterans to young pups. Every band brings something uniquely their own to the table.

Chicago’s Mentally Ill are the main event of this show. Formed in 1978, their ’79 single Gacy’s Place makes the record dorks world-over drool at mere mention. The brand of punk displayed on that record is very fitting with the band’s name. It’s just crazy, fuzzed out, absolutely irresponsible guitar noise with snotty vocals and wild beats. In 2003 Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles put out an LP compiling the band’s recordings. It’s a great listen all the way through and does contain the songs from the aforementioned EP as well as a slew of unreleased material. You should be a able to find it still. And hopefully the band will have some as well. Of course, if you have extra $300.00, you should try to track down the 7inch on Ebay. Continue reading

!!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! Revisited

On Saturday, August 1, to celebrate their bassist Matt Reber’s 40th birthday, Columbus punk legends New Bomb Turks invaded Ravari Room. The good time was guaranteed. To make the event even more special the band would play their landmark debut LP !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! top to bottom! A treat, indeed… And so it came to pass. And now that it did, we, who were there, can proudly brag about being there for years to come. And those who weren’t there will probably say they were, as they tend to do sometimes.

Released by Crypt Records in 1993, !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! was met with rave reviews in both indie and mainstream music press. Spin Magazine gave the album it’s “Highly Recommended” mark. The record became an instant garage punk classic and to this day is a standard other records of the genre are compared against. As for the Turks…. Well, they went on to put out more awesome records for some pretty big labels, tour the world and influence a whole slew of bands both big and small all over the world. Not bad for a bunch of punks from Columbus. And even though they don’t gig much anymore, we get to see them every now and again, being the home town crowd and all.

Now on to the show…. Continue reading

Celebrate Amerika with The Spits

TKT The Spits 3of5.jpg

MP3: Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya
MP3: Let Us Play Your Party

When I heard that Seattle’s The Spits are dropping a new LP – their fourth – on the 4th of July, I smiled… That smile was brought on by a couple of different reasons. One – I, like many others, thought there might never be a NEW Spits LP, since the band went on a hiatus due to some of it’s members moving to different cities and getting involved in other projects. Two – there is no more appropriate band to celebrate our great country’s birthday with then The Spits. Why? Because to this humble fan The Spits are what America is all about – taking back alleys, playing parties, drinking beers and being weird.

To those of you who are not in the know, The Spits play the most basic type of punk rock, reminiscent of the great Ramones with a splash of new wave and a whole lot of FUN! The perfect soundtrack for a killer party gone out of control. They bring it live as well. I’ve seen them play a show at our very own Bobo Street where those in attendance, myself included, would not let them of the stage until they played every song that was yelled out at them. So if you get a chance, shell out the dough at the door and never look back. Also make sure to pick up all four of their self-titled LP’s and a singles comp called 19 Million AC. You’ll thank me later!

The Spits were gracious enough to answer some questions for us via e-mail. Also they attached a killer track Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya from the new album for us to enjoy (link above). So, here we go!

You and Sean are from Kalamazoo, MI originally. When and why did you guys re-locate to Seattle?

Sean and I had been traveling the country for a long time, separately and together, working as dishwashers and just seeking our fortune in general. When we landed in Seattle in the early nineties, the city had just the right combination of music, chicks, mountains and thrift stores. We knew we had found our new home.

When and how did the Spits start?

Well, Aleks, it was your classic “Boy meets girl, girl loves boy, boy goes to college for degree in 17th century French literature, boy drops out of college, girl leaves boy, boy hits girl, boy goes to jail for assault, boy gets out of jail and goes on 13-day vision quest with the Ayuhuasca shamans of the Amazon, boy starts band, band turns music world upside down and single-handedly rejuvenates punk genre, girl wants back with boy, boy sleeps with girl one more time and then sleeps with her sister in girl’s house and videotapes it, girl becomes murderous with rage, boy goes on long tours with band in Europe and U.S. to stay one step ahead of vengeful girl, boy blah, blah blah….” We’ve all been there. Continue reading

Interview: Vegetative State

(Duffy note: We’re really happy to have Aleks Shaulov, known to many as the guitarist for The Feelers, writing for Expect lots more punk rock coverage, obviously.)


MP3: Laguna Beach Rules
MP3: Bolder Than

I heard Vegetative State for the first time a few years ago, when they befriended my old band on Myspace. Immediately my cohorts and I thought that we’ve stumbled on to something awesome. Here were real teenagers, playing real teenage angst driven honest to gawd punk rock with no extra flab, kick, catch, or whatever else you could think of to make it “fresh” or “current”. Soon after, we asked them to play a show with us. A little bit later the label that my friends JG, Mindy and I were running put out their 1st EP. But before we did that, we had to have a meeting with some of their parents at the White Castle, to which we showed up hung over as fuck!!! They were around sixteen at the time and it was understood that parents know best. Since then they’ve smashed more guitars, shocked more innocent bystanders, broken up and re-started again more times then Ol’ Man Hank Rollins got laid.

The band is celebrating the release of their new album tonight at Carabar. Sick Thrills and Necropolis are also playing. Here’s all of the dirt and more as I sit down with the lead singer of VS, Andrew Wagner.

Where does the name come from?

AW: Originally we were called Kamikaze Motor Cult. I came up with that. I thought it was really cool, but we were really young at the time and we kind of thought it was stupid, because nobody liked us at the time, because we were playing at the wrong bars. So, then we changed our name to The Problems. We all knew it was a temporary name. This was all around the time the Terry Schaivo controversy was going on and so I had the bright idea that we’d name the band Vegetative State and have the whole “duuuuuuuh ” (drool) thing be the gag…that and abortion. Continue reading