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Donew8ing: Funky D

Providing the vinyl-based musical backdrop for tonight‘s festivities will be enigmatic DJ Funky D, aka… I’ve spun records in local bars for almost 7 years now, mostly as a member of Funkdefy but also in a variety of other settings. My specialty is funk and soul from the 70s and the 00s, but also love to play jazz, hip-hop, indie and classic rock when I get the chance. Tonight’s selections will include most of the above, with some Columbus treats tossed in. Taking requests now if you have any ideas. See you tonight!

Videos of some of my favorite jams.

Columbus-ish Jams For Your Weekend

In case you need some new tunes for wherever you may voyage (or not voyage) this weekend, here are some suggestions:

1. DJ Self Help: Clusterfunk Mix Summer 2010 (Soundcloud)
Self Help, the co-host of Columbus/Athens’ Dance or Die and rising DJ talent on his own, recently dropped this summer funtime mix. Crazy mixes and interesting choices make this hour-long mix jam from front to back.

2. Loyal Divide: Flights (Bandcamp)
For whatever reason, I’d never been that into this Chicago-via-Columbus quartet (unlike my man Chip Midnight). However, I downloaded this single when it dropped in July and every time I come it back to it I love it more. Echo-y and hypnotic. If you’re in Chicagoland or need a road trip this weekend, check them out at the North Coast Music Festival.

3. The Green Brothers: I Get Lifted (Bandcamp)
Despite MC Claude 9’s (aka Eyamme) relocation to San Diego, his weed-centric Green Brothers collaboration with DJ Bern One (aka DJ Inform) has continued onto a third album. In anticipation of its release later this month, they released a single of the title track, a soulful paean to their primary inspiration. Learn new green technology in the video after the jump. Continue reading

This weekend in Columbus: CDR VII

It’s that time of year again, when grilling meat, arm wrestling, and indie rock somehow end up together in awkward sentences (like this one). This weekend is the seventh annual Columbus Discount Records BBQ, where the local label shares the wealth and gives you a wealth of local/international talent to gaze upon for as free as possible. This year’s version of the tradition entails two star-studded rock shows (Friday night at The Summit and Saturday night at Carabar) as well as a multi-faceted get-together Saturday afternoon at CDR HQ (corner of Oak and Parsons, just up the street from Carabar). Highlights:

Friday night at Summit: Sets from local Uggs-rock veterans the Guinea Worms and the most-successful, longest-lasting Rock Potluck band ever, Sandwitch (featuring Ron House), are those most likely to slay. Omaha’s Yuppies will play the part of the noisy visitors from out of town, and the night will be rounded out by intergalactic party Mormons Outer Spacist and the sheer spectacle of the Unholy Two. You will probably leave this show wearing beer.

Saturday afternoon BBQ: Obviously, free PBR and grilled eats would be a highlight of any day. However, this party also includes your chance for eternal glory with an arm-wrestling tournament! The male and female brackets are both sure to be tough, but you still have a couple days to train. If all of this is not enough, local legends the Cheater Slicks will play a set in the CDR studio around 5:30.

Saturday night at Carabar: This is where the big guns come out, so hopefully you are not drunk enough or drunk enough to enjoy it. Local wonders (and musical inspirations to Beck) Times New Viking will headline and close the festivities. I am excited for another visit from the prolific globetrotter Dan Melchior, who will surely entertain with whoever might be backing him up, and a set from Harrisburg, Ohio’s favorite sons, Mike Rep and Tommy Jay, will lend some tuneful and grizzled character to the proceedings.

More information, conspiracy theories, and conjecture here.

This Moment In Black History – “Public Square”

MP3: Panopticon

As mentioned here previously
, Cleveland rock monsters This Moment In Black History recently released a new album entitled Public Square. I vaguely remember previous recordings being decent but lacking a certain something to keep me coming back. On the new album, however, I found more groove and variety than I expected. The frenzied, spastic, punky bursts of energy associated with their live show are still there, and they manage to fight through 13 songs in just over 32 minutes. However, within that time they also play some modern stoner rock, some darker “indie rock” that gives me some El Jesus vibes (see MP3 above), and they even toss in an old-school rap parody. The epic six-minute jam finale summarizes the proceedings quite well with a culmination of the multiple styles present on the record. The quartet fires on all cylinders throughout and lends the entire album an undercurrent of fiery soul. Maybe it’s time to dig out some of those older records.

Smog Veil Records has released Public Square on a pressing of 1000 records on marbled multi-colored wax (with MP3 download coupon), which you can pick up here or perhaps at a live show. Also available wherever fine MP3s are sold.

Speaking of live shows, the band will return to Columbus on Friday night at their current favorite local spot, Carabar. This show is part of another leg of their tour with fellow Clevelanders Sun God, but the show is also the 5th anniversary of the bar itself. So, more bands are surely taking part in the festivities, including a set from Blueprint with DJ support from Carabar Ron. This will be crazy and FREE, so who knows what might happen?

Thursday in Columbus: The Dead Kenny G’s

YouTube Preview Image

The Dead Kenny Gs. An attention-grabbing band name for a band I never thought I’d see. As a self-respecting jazz/music nerd, I of course honored the concept of a trio doing war with the smooth jazz master. But this was also a band I actually wanted to see, as it featured the saxophonics of Skerik and the crazed vibraphone and percussion of Mike Dillon. I heard about the Dead Kenny Gs (the trio is completed by bassist/saxophonist Brad Houser) on sites like but it always struck me as a Seattle-based local supergroup that would never release a record (let alone travel to our part of the globe). However, their debut album Bewildered Herd surfaced in October and was recently re-released by Ropeadope Digital. Eleven schizophrenic tracks that range from uptempo saxy jaunts to mellow vibed-out jams to distorted, disgruntled bursts of sound (that still groove). Although some limited social commentary is offered on “I’m Your Manager, I’m Your Pimp” and “Jake Brakin,'” the confrontational nature of the band name and some of the song titles seems more reflective of the attitude and feel of the mostly instrumental music than of some concrete message.

The second part of my hippie jazz fantasy come to life is realized on Thursday night as the Dead Kenny Gs open for Primus and Gogol Bordello outdoors at the LC. I only hear intense things about the Gs’ live show, so they should mix well with the other showmen on the bill. Doors open at 6, so get there early for the party.

Free MP3 Album: Shafiq Husayn

MP3: Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka (Free album at

While doing some intense MP3 shopping last night, I stumbled upon the fact that Amazon MP3 is currently offering Shafiq Husayn’s 2009 release, Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka, for free download. Husayn is a member of the futuristic soul collective Sa-Ra Creative Partners, whose releases have been semi appealing to me but never really connected. However, Husayn’s explosion of soul of every genre and dimension (and beyond!) really hit home. Fans of Sa-Ra, Erykah Badu, and other forms of tripped-out R&B should love this. I have no idea how long this deal will last, so I would get to the gettin’ if I were you.

Tonight @ The Summit: Fool’s Gold

MP3: Nadine

Tonight at the Summit, ex-Columbusite Brad Caulkins (The Sun, Jive Turkeys, etc.) brings his sax back to town as a member of Fool’s Gold, a Los Angeles Afropop-inspired collective. The band’s self-titled debut is eight tracks of meditative and mostly joyous tunes led by the vocals of Luke Top, who sings predominantly in Hebrew. This unique combination provides for a sound that is much more reverent and humble than other current bands of their ilk. They share the stage with Brooklyn’s Tony Castles and locals You’re So Bossy, led by Sam Brown, Caulkins’ ex-bandmate in The Sun.

Super Desserts CD Release Friday

MP3: Wicker Chair

2010 is turning out to be the year of the Super Desserts as Friday sees the boys and girls releasing their second album of the year, Twee As Folk. The new album returns to the path traveled by 2009 ‘s Barefoot in the Disenchanted Forest, with new handmade CD packaging in 7″ vinyl single size and a secret tale to be told by the entire package. Long song titles galore and another batch of pop ditties, this time with more hand-clapped BEATS. The release party is tonight at Wholly Craft at 7, featuring an opening set from none other than Jeff Fernengel.

Video for “Give Your Mom a Call” Continue reading

Tonight at Cafe Bourbon Street: Pontiak

MP3: Pontiak – Young

The double bill at Bourbon Street tonight is headlined by Virginia’s Pontiak, a band of stoner rock brothers. They are currently on tour in support of new album Living, out this past Tuesday on Thrill Jockey. The new record picks up where 2009’s Maker left off, delivering psychedelic jams in (mostly) pop song-sized packages of varying textures. The live show will likely shred. Labelmates Arbouretum open.

Review: Booker T, Nick Tolford & Co. in Columbus

Saturday night (May 1) marked the conclusion of the Jazz Arts Group‘s 2009-10 Inside Track concert series at the Lincoln Theatre with a much-anticipated appearance by soul legend Booker T. Jones and his band. Though the buzz for his appearance itself was plentiful, the addition of local openers Nick Tolford & Co. seemed to contribute additional interest, visibly making the show more appealing to a slightly younger demographic. These factors combined for an exciting, well-attended show that won the audience over. (Check out Kim Rottmayer’s photos here.)

Nick Tolford & Company’s set was a quick and fiery runthrough of the best of their soulful rock ‘n roll. The band was a bit nervous as they opened for one of their heroes but overcame any stagefright to deliver a solid set. In their allotted 30 minutes, Tolford and band performed with enough reverence and joy [insert pic of smiling Mike O here] to win over many concertgoers who would have never been otherwise exposed to their music. The JAG should be recognized for providing this outlet for local musicians, as Mojoflo’s recent set opening for Trombone Shorty gave them similar exposure, including my parents’ introduction to the band. Continue reading