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Main St. Gospel Debut Slated for June 29th

Now this is the kind of press release I like to receive:

The Main Street Gospel Sign With Tee Pee Records, Set To Release Debut Album “Love Will Have Her Revenge” June 29th!

The Main Street Gospel have signed with Tee Pee Records and will release their debut album “Love Will Have Her Revenge” on June 29th.

The Main Street Gospel is a Columbus, Ohio trio who mix psych-infused classic rock with dusty country vibes and dirt-stained blues. The band was born in 2005, when Barry Dean–former tambourine shaker for the Brian Jonestown Massacre–began writing songs with longtime friend Ryan “Tito” Ida. Adam Scoppa joined the band on drums the following year. Continue reading

The Lindsay – Syrup Bag


MP3: Nothin’ to Lose

Dragged Out, the 2006 debut album from Columbus’ The Lindsay, remains one of my all-time favorite Columbus releases. Unfortunately, due to the death of their label and, I don’t know, real life, the foursome has been unable to issue an official followup over the last three years. Though this has obviously been a disappointment to their fans, the band has soldiered on and used that time to become one of the top live acts in town while also sharpening their material on the live stage. The band is now able to reward the vigilant for their patience by issuing a new EP entitled Syrup Bag.

Syrup Bag is a 7-song ball of energy that includes versions of “Change My Oil” and “Thurston Moore Sed” that have been reworked since their previous appearance on the 2007 cdr Live At The Fillmore West. As soon as the intro to opener “It’s Not Easy” ends, the music rings with an emotional intensity that lasts throughout the EP’s 23 minutes. The band uses this fire to cover a relatively large range of moods for seven songs, boisterously bouncing from anger to cheeky contentment relatively easily. Despite all of these shifting elements, the material also displays a sharp focus on crafting a cohesive batch of scrappy bursts of song.

Lead vocalist John Olexovitch guides the ship with sharp wit and self-deprecating humor to spare, whether describing band communication problems (“Band Meeting”) or telling jaunty tales of the rock ‘n roll struggle (“Nothin’ To Lose”). The rest of the quartet carries their weight just fine though, with a tight rhythm section, chewy lead guitar parts, and backing/duet vocals courtesy of bassist Gretchen Tepper that follow Olexovitch’s lead perfectly.

Syrup Bag comes into existence with a release party at The Summit on Friday night (10/23). Besides the title attraction, the bill also boasts sets from fellow local stalwarts Brainbow and Outerspacist. More details here. Serious party for an album worth celebrating.

Friday @ The Summit: Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound


MP3: By The Rippling Green

I don’t know if it’s something in the water, but there seem to be a great deal of psychedelic/stoner rock bands coming through town (or forming in town) these days. San Franciscan quartet Assembled Head In Sunburst Sound will make the latest addition to the list with their appearance at The Summit Friday night. This multi-gendered band is touring in support of their 2009 Tee Pee Records release, When Sweet Sleep Returned, eight tracks of hazy, road-weary rock with what I would call rural undertones. 1970s influences are harnessed into songs that feel like miniature mystic journeys, so I can only imagine how this will play out live.

Fellow San Franciscans Sleepy Sun share the bill with their own 2009 release, Sleepy Son on ATP Recordings, in tow. Judging by the jams on their myspace, their music appears to be right in line with that of their tourmates. EDIT: Local prog wizards Moons are not playing this show. Perhaps there will be another opener.

The Rothbury Report

4th of July with the Grateful Dead

4th of July with the Grateful Dead

In Donewaiting’s ongoing quest to report on global musical goings-on, my buddy Nate Renkes and I descended into the wilderness of Western Michigan to witness the Rothbury Festival over the 4th of July weekend. The site is 2,000 acres of campgrounds, woods, and the actual festival grounds, which contains 5 stages separated by the Sherwood Forest, a well-maintained wooded area with weird arts displays and the Speak EZ stage. The festival was an enjoyable four days of music, camping, and hippies, with solid performances from most acts involved. Big thanks go to Nate for his camping expertise and his photographic enthusiasm. Most of the pictures below are his.

Here are some pictures of the environment before a day-by-day breakdown: Continue reading

Kid Cudi Appreciation Post


MP3: She Came Along by Sharam featuring Kid Cudi

(EDIT: Turns out that Kid Cudi is not playing the Rothbury Festival after all, oops.  He is embarking on some major touring this summer though, including some European dates and a co-headlining slot on The Great Hangover Tour in July and August.  They play the House of Blues in Cleveland on July 17th, so maybe I’ll see you there?)

Shaker Heights, OH (Cleveland suburb) native Kid Cudi has gained attention from the blogs and from urban radio for his involvement with Kanye West and for his single “Day ‘n Nite,” which has slowly gained momentum for the last six months and is now heard coming from local cars on the regular.  This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed by this humble website, as champion for Ohio hip-hop Wes Flexner hit you with a then-new MP3 back in December and some hype for the “Day ‘n Nite” video when it hit BET in February, while our noble boss man Rob Duffy reported on Cudi’s performance with Kanye at SXSW 2009.  As you can see, the excitement has been building around me and I can’t wait to see him live.  The man seems to be inspiring new mainstream-ish excitement for Ohio hip-hop, so I’m interested to see how he progresses with the release of his official debut album, “Man on the Moon: The Guardians,” currently slated for August 25th.

Video footage from February 2009 (youtubed by

YouTube Preview Image

Saturday in Columbus: Jeff Fernengel’s Paintings


Now that his painting “Hammered Head” (above) is building-size downtown (corner of Spring and Third), local artist Jeff Fernengel is having an art show this Saturday to present a new collection of wacky yet endearing paintings to the masses.  Expect loads of color, shape-shifting animals with personality, and maybe a spare PBR can here or there.  The show is being held at the Art Exchange, 17 E. Brickel St., in the heart of the Short North.  This free event runs from 7-11pm, and includes free beverages and a performance from Columbus’ Super Desserts around 9pm.

Tonight: my [left] uterus Back in Columbus


MP3: No Hope

By all accounts, Tampa’s my [left] uterus was a raging success at Skylab back in January. Above you can see the boys working hard on their upcoming split cassette with Lazy Magnet. To celebrate their return to Skylab tonight as part of a week-long tour, m[l]u has graciously provided me with an MP3 of one of those new songs that was recorded yesterday (May 10th)! Hot out of the bedroom to your ears. Local support to be provided by Biff Boff Barf and Rage Against The Cage. Music starts around 9, so don’t be late.

True Moves – “Right Girl, Wrong Reasons”


MP3: Right Girl, Wrong Reasons

Columbus’ True Moves, a quintet of Columbus garage rock veterans of varied pedigrees, are releasing their second CD single this weekend. Right Girl, Wrong Reasons features three greasy barnstormers that were recorded by Nick Schuld at Zombie-Shark Studios.

The title track is a duet with lead singer/guitarist Eric Wrong and guitarist/vocalist Anna Lucci sharing their differing perceptions on a hookup based out of necessity. The track benefits from the smoky saxophone of Bob Starker, who brings the appropriate amount of instrumental sex to the jam. Elsewhere, Wrong fights to survive the nightlife to the tune of a guitar/sax surf boogie on “Hot Knife Twist,” while he fights to survive a tumultuous relationship both on the mic and on the harmonica on “Hard Life.” The rhythms laid down by bassist John Rice and drummer Nick Turkas are strong and steady throughout, especially on the railroading “Hard Life.” This quick and dirty slab of rock highlights the strengths of this outfit and is hopefully in advance of a full-length release.

The True Moves will celebrate the new single on Friday night, April 3rd, at the Circus. Joining them will be Whoa Nellie! (Starker’s other saxy band), The Beatdowns, and Dayton’s Pistol Whips.

Saturday: BRUSH: The Blue Note Experience


As the first Saturday of March, tomorrow marks the occurrence of this month’s BRUSH, a new monthly live art and live music event in downtown Columbus. Created by a partnership of multiple urban arts and culture groups, the event invites attendees to participate in art projects while enjoying live music and refreshments. As this month’s BRUSH is “The Blue Note Experience,” the art is expected to be based on the music and cover art of legendary jazz label Blue Note Records. Columbus’ own Liquid Crystal Project will be contributing a set of Blue Note tunes, along with a set of their own original “jazz-hop” songs. Judging from last month’s Obama-themed event, Saturday’s BRUSH will surely be a creative marriage of classic jazz and Columbus’ urban energy.

BRUSH will be held at the Urban Spirit Cafe Loft, located at 893 East Long Street in the King-Lincoln District. The event lasts from 8PM-12AM, and cover is $10.

Lo-Pan – “Sasquanaut”


MP3: Vega

Sasquanaut, the second album from Columbus hard rockers Lo-Pan, casts the quartet as a band very skilled in creating and recreating moods.  Though the snarling guitar of Brian Fristoe, the thunderous bass of Skot Thompson, and the precise drumwork of J. Bartz all prove to be mighty weapons, the players are very patient in building a groove and seem to enjoy playing with a wide variety of tempos and dynamics.  The emotive vocals of new lead singer Jeff Martin fit very well into this model, as his whisper is as effective as his howl.  The lyrics bring to mind adventures, wars, and struggles that seem to independent of time and place.  These ingredients mix into a swirling heavy stew that is part backwoods hesher jam and part outerspace boogie.

Highlights include the merciless “Savage Henry,” the faster “Vega,” and the epic 10+ minute finale “Wade Garrett.”  Since the average track length here is 6+ minutes, the songs benefit greatly from the band’s experiments in tempos and moods.  Though there are a couple shorter rock tunes on the album, the longer tracks often build up, crash down, and then slowly rebuild, easily retaining the listener’s attention along the way.  The album marks a strong step forward for Lo-Pan as they continue to refine a style that is somewhat unique in Columbus.

Lo-Pan is hosting a release party for Sasquanaut this Saturday night at the Ravari Room.  They will be joined by two similarly-minded bands from Indianapolis, Devil To Pay and Bulletwolf, as well as Columbus’ Super Silver. I am told that the first 100 people through the door will receive a free copy of the CD, so get there early for free jams and a solid rock ‘n roll bill.  9 PM doors, $5 cover.