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Kraut Legends Cluster To Headline No Fun Fest 2008

Kosmische music heads across the Eastern seaboard are peeing themselves today as the almighty Cluster have been announced as headliners of No Fun Fest 2008. To be completely honest, I’ve wet myself twice already.

It was thought that the line-up was solidified for the five-year-strong experimental noise festival (May 16, 17 and 18) with Japanese noise veterans Astro and American minimalist Tony Conrad, among others, but festival head Carlos Giffoni has certainly outdone himself with the addition of the German duo of Hans Roedelius and Dieter Moebius.

Roedelius and Moebius have been in the news of late with a reunion show last fall in their homeland, and with the announcement of a reunion for their other classic Kraut group, Harmonia, sometime this year. Add to that the extensive reissue treatment to the entire Cluster and Harmonia + solo catalog and the last few years have been a dream for fans of the two electronic pioneers.

DW Year 5 Flyer for Friday Night’s Show

Check out Mike Carney’s piece for the Friday version of DW Year 5:

Donewaiting’s into leather. More about the weekend of shows celebrating DW’s birthday here.

Matador to Release 6 Jay Reatard Singles in 2008

I guess I was half-right back in August about rumors that Jay Reatard was close to inking a major deal. Looks like he’s set to release 6 limited-edition singles on Matador next year, with a compilation of the singles to be released on CD and LP afterwards. The Matablog post:

We’re pleased to announce Matador will be releasing six limited edition singles in 2008 by the wildly prolific Jay Reatard.

Manufactured quantities of each single will diminish with each successive release. We’ve not figured out the exact scheme yet, but given our commitment to the customer-always-being-angry, rest assured the numbers will be lower than you’d like.

Who knows if Reatard will continue to be courted by the majors? I think he’ll like his new home just fine. Staff Favorites of 2007: Doug Elliott

1. Psychedelic Horseshit, Magic Flowers Droned (Siltbreeze)
The most sincere record of the year. Despite it’s pasted-together ambiance, Magic Flowers Droned is a meticulously-crafted manifesto against the mundane, the disposable, and the transparent. Mr. Whitehurst is at once the most detail-oriented and haphazard person I know.

2. Panda Bear, Person Pitch (Paw Tracks)
Beautiful and uplifting without overstatement, Noah Lennox has trumped every dream-pop or collage-work record over the last fifteen years, including his own band’s best work, with Person Pitch. The most forward-looking album of 2007.

3. Blues Control, Puff (Woodsist)
True postmodern psychedelia. Guitar, keys, some pedals and a Walkman are all this duo need to create a 21st Century Atlantis. It’s like the bong is taking hits from you.

4. Justice – † (Vice/Ed Banger)
The Ed Banger hype finally culminates stateside with this French duo’s debut. House grooves, hi-jacked funk, disco strings, a Devo video sample…this is a rare dance record that will stand the test of time.

5. Pink Reason – Cleaning the Mirror (Siltbreeze)
Primal screams from Kevin DuBroux, the Midwest’s finest post-hardcore singer/songwriter (don’t call him that to his face). Rumors that he might end the PR book have me bummed.
Stream: Pink Reason

6. Los Llamarada, The Exploding Now (S-S)
Never-wave jams outta Monterrey, Mexico. This one climbed up my list as ’07 rolled along, its scuzzy vibes finally able to penetrate my dense skull.

7. Times New Viking – The Paisley Reich (Siltbreeze)
I would probably put this in my top two or three if a) it were a tad longer, b) the drummer wasn’t my brother and c) they didn’t have the album of the year ’08 coming out in a little more than a month. Still, a huge piece in the TNV puzzle and the most bang out of fifteen minutes ever.

8. Burial, Untrue (Hyperdub)
As big a breakthrough for dubstep you’ll see in the US, Burial takes a dated artform (minimal breaks) and somehow makes it vital again.

9. Shocking Pinks, Shocking Pinks (Astralwerks/DFA)
Not quite your older brother’s Kiwi Pop. DFA compiles the best from Nick Harte’s two Flying Nun albums to make this domestic long-player. Love the live feel of these recordings.
MP3: Second Hand Girl

10. Der TPK, Harmful Emotions (Siltbreeze)
Read my full review of this here.

11. Sword Heaven, Entrance (Load)
Read my review of Entrance here.

12. R. Kelly – Double Up (Jive)
I wish Kels would serialize “Real Talk” like he did “Trapped in the Closet”. And isn’t it time he got his own reality show?
MP3: Real Talk

13. The Field, From Here We Go Sublime (Kompakt)
A human pulse for adderall-fueled robots. Warmth + repetition = ecstasy.
MP3: Everyday

14. Sonic Chicken 4, Sonic Chicken 4 (In the Red)
SC4 are a French group that play spirited garage in the VU/Kinks vein. Fun stuff, I’m really kicking myself for missing not one but two shows in Columbus this Fall.
Link: Sonic Chicken 4 live on Cherry Blossom Clinic

15. Group Doueh, Guitar Music From the Western Sahara (Sublime Frequencies)Sublime Frequencies’ first foray into new, album-length releases, Guitar Music showcases Doueh’s virtuosic string talents. This is their first official release outside of Morocco and deserves a much wider edition than its 1000 copy, vinyl-only run.
Link: About Dakhla, Morocco

Sublime Frequencies Film Tour Begins Tonight in Columbus


For the past five years the Sublime Frequencies label has taken the global music imprint to an entirely new level, releasing obscure audio and video from all corners of the world, focusing mainly on (but certainly not limited to) the folk and pop music of Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Headed by Hisham Mayet and Alan Bishop of longtime globe-trotting collective Sun City Girls, the label’s 2007 has been its biggest year yet, unleashing two wonderful vinyl-only African guitar records, a pair of South American compilations, a pair of “ethnic minority” music compilations from Asia, a collection of Thai pop songs and another of Thai psych, two collections of folk and pop from Myanmar, and a “Jihadi Techno” album out of Syria.

Tonight Mayat begins a new venture for his label, bringing two hour-long films he directed to show at Skylab. Palace of the Winds is an “entrancing look at the culture and music of the Saharawis from the Western Sahara and Mauritania”, while Musical Brotherhoods of the Trans-Saharan Highway chronicles a variety of Moroccan street music “live and unfiltered”. Tonight’s showing is the first date on Mayet’s December film tour. Rest of the dates and trailers after the break.

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Monday in Rontown: Clockcleaner vs. Unholy 2

Tonight at Carabar, Clockcleaner will enter the ring to battle the Unholy 2 in what will be know as Scumrockmania II. Two weeks ago, Pissed Jeans were defeated in Scumrockmania I at Cafe Bourbon St., holding truth to rumors that they are the “Poor Man’s Unholy 2”, according to the XUN2X’s leader Christopher Lasch.

Philadelphia’s Clockcleaner pose a more formidable challenge, though, as they finish up a nation-wide tour for their Load Records debut, Babylon Rules. The album is one of 2007’s finest examples of how truly sick the human mind can be. The trio dish-up some of the crummiest slop since Reagan’s reign and continue to shove it down America’s collective throat.

MP3: Clockcleaner “Vomiting Mirrors

Meanwhile, the Unholy 2 have been training on antique Nautilus equipment, preparing for any foe who dares go to war with them. They’ve recorded enough for a duo of singles, but plan on releasing nothing until the Federal Reserve is eliminated.

Also on this FREE bill are one of Columbus’ most underappreciated groups, Vegetative State.

Clipd Beaks Unleash Hoarse Lords Tonight at Bourbon St.

There’s something brewing out West that I can’t quite put my finger on. In Los Angeles especially, neon-clad weirdos donning robes play at places like the Smell, releasing crusty limited edition EP’s on labels such as Not Not Fun. Groups like No Age, Indian Jewelry and Health have produced a sort of Warholian version of the left-field free music that’s been going on in LA and the Bay Area for decades.

For the second time in a year Clipd Beaks will be bringing their version of Californian dystopia back to the Midwest – the four member were all raised in Minnesota – this time with a full-length in tow. Hoarse Lords, released today on Lovepump United, is a confident collection of psychedelia, trash and groove-fuck party anthems for kids going nowhere. Much like our own city’s El Jesus De Magico, Clipd Beaks are motored by a shaman-like (and reverb-drenched) singer and tend towards heavy, mid-tempo mind-fucks that will get bodies moving.

Hoarse Lords is not perfect by any means, but any time a bands displays equal love for Royal Trux and This Heat while being electronically-inclined enough for Kid 606 (their first EP was on his Tigerbeat6 label), you have to give props. Couple that with an affection for the road and you’ve got some great potential.

MP3: “Black Glass”

Clipd Beaks will play with Styrofoam Duck and locals Thee Sons of Daughters in Columbus tonight at Cafe Bourbon St.

First Annual Ohio Experimental Music Festival Coming To Columbus

From Mark Van Fleet’s (of Sword Heaven) email bulletin:

NOV 30th -DEC 2nd

Friday the 30th at Bourbon St, Sat the 1st at Skylab, Sun the 2nd out in Delaware

Full line-up coming soon. Almost 30 acts from every corner of Ohio…

Should be interesting. Stay tuned…


More from MVF

Here is the final line-up for this thing. There was some talk of having a three day pay pal pass deal, but I think you are looking at 5 bucks on Fri, $5-10 on Sat, and $5 on Sun…

Cheap for so many bands, so bring money for merch, please.

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Brainbow as Helm’s Deep on Halloween, in Pictures

DW message board user starchild has posted an excellent flickr set of Brainbow performing as Helm’s Deep, a LOTR-themed supergroup performing music from the films, at Ruby Tuesday’s last Saturday. The costumes and set look ridiculously good. If you are kicking youself, like I am, for missing the show, these photos are the next best thing, though there’s talk of a video to be posted in the future. Great shots!

OiNK Shut Down; Operator Arrested, “Industry” Rejoices

This morning in Northern England a 24-year-old-man was arrested as part of an investigation into the enormous file-sharing website The site, which required a membership for access to its files, has been one of the largest torrent trading sites over the past three years. The man’s father was also arrested, and his home and site of employment have been raided.


This is huge news considering OiNK was one of the most well-known file-sharing sites online. It will be interesting to see what happens from here. Will there be an illegal-downloading fallout or will more sites continue to pop up?