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It’s Macworld time!

The Donewaiting Gulfstream was in the shop, so we’ll have to slum it and cover it remotely.

The story:

“The World’s Thinnest Notebook”

“fits inside a envelope”

_Macbook Air
Multi-touch trackpad
1.6 GHz, 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
13.3″ LED backlit widescreen
keyboard with ambient light sensor
1.8″ Hard Drive
1 USB 2.0 port
802.11n + Bluetooth 2.1/EDR
No optical drive
2 GB RAM standard

_shipping in 2 weeks

For the environmentally conscious:
aluminum case (recyclable)
first fully mercury and lead free display
circuit boards BFR free
retail packaging 56% less volume than MacBook

Macbook Air


_iTunes Movie Rentals

every major studio
1000+ movies
30-days after DVD release
works on Macs, PCs, current iPods, iPhone
“instant” start
library: $2.99
New Releases: $3.99
30 day window to begin watching download, 24 hours to finish
software updates coming
iTunes/iPod compatible files on Fox DVD releases (previously announced)

Apple TV v.2

lower entry-level ATV price: $229
no computer/sync required
rent from AppleTV
DVD and HD quality
Flickr integration
HD rentals: $4.99, 100 titles to start
previews and recommendations
.Mac integration
can also buy music within ATV
all via software update. (in 2 weeks)

iPod Touch

_5 new applications ($20 upgrade)

Maps, Mail, Stocks, Notes, and Weather


_Software update:

Customized home screen
maps with location (quasi GPS)
webclips (add to home screen, limit of 9)
SMS multiple people
lyrics, chapters and language capability in iPod

Time Capsule

_hardware to compliment Time Machine backups
Full Airport Extreme base station with hard drive for wireless backups
500 GB $299
1 TB $499


BREAKING: Completely new iPod lineup


Bullet points from the Apple annoucement:

* Custom ringtone maker built into iTunes
* Custom ringtones including songs you already purchased, over 500,000 participating songs
* Once you make ringtones, sync them right to your iPhone
* Ringtones only 99 cents in addition to song price (so $1.98 total)
* Little bells next to eligible songs in iTunes

* (PRODUCT) RED shuffle, 1GB of storage for $79
* new shuffle colors

* games
* screen 320×240
* 2″ screen
* Cover Flow
* Metal
* video
* 4GB comes in silver at $149 and 8GB in all colors for $199
* No touch screen
* 24 hours of audio playback, 5 hours of video playback

* Touch screen, called “iPod touch”
* Shipping today, should be in stores soon
* new user interface
* 80GB now sells for $249 and 160 for $349
* original iPod design will be called “iPod classic”
* iPod classic starts at 80GB, higher-end at 160GB
* 160GB iPod classic has 40 hours of audio and 7 hours of video playback


Touchscreen: like iPhone
$299 and $399. 8GB and 16GB of storage
22 hours of audio playback, 5 hours of video playback
WiFi, 802.11b/g

iTunes WiFi Music Store

“When you get near a Starbucks a fifth button will come up in the WiFi music store — you may have been in a Starbucks wondering what song is that playing? Now you can buy it with a tap of your finger. And if you just missed it, you can still find it…”

Concentrating on 8GB model, dropping price to $399
WiFi Store will be available by software update.

Breaking News: iPods updated.

The story so far, from the Apple Music event:
At some point, a video stream of the announcement will be available here.

Upgraded iPods
_60% brighter with brighness control,
_improved battery performance video playback
_new headphones
_cheaper pricing, increased capacity:
$249(30GB), $349(80GB)

Software upgraded:
_new games-Apple partnering with EA, selling games in the iTMS for $4.99
_”instant” searching

New Nanos, in colors, aluminum added
_2, 4, 8 GB capacities

New iPod shuffles
_Metal, 1GB $79

Also updated, iTunes app/store, with several interface improvements.
_TV shows are now encoded at 640×480 (h264), up from 320×240
_sync between multiple computers using an iPod, as long as both are authorized on the same account
_iPod sync/updating improved
_download manager

“The iTunes Store”:
_content from Disney, Miramax, Pixar, Touchstone
_75 releases today
_$12.99 preorder/first week, 14.99 after
_progressive download (i.e. watch as it downloads)
_640x480 resolution, with Dolby Surround
_movies have same DRM/terms as TV shows-no rentals- supposedly the sticking point with the major Studios.
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