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Review: Scott Walker – “Bisch Bosch”

“Nothing clears a room like removing a brain…”- Corps De Blah

In my years of working music retail I can 100% ascertain that nothing clears a store like a Scott Walker album and that is a compliment of the highest order. Difficult listening? I’ve spent the past month trying to digest Scott Walker’s new album, Bisch Bosch, and a month is not enough. It is difficult listening but there are rewards to be reaped. At times, it’s lush, sparse, swinging and some songs resemble Morphine. It’s varied and doesn’t rely solely on standard instruments in the production. Machetes, whoopie cushions and something that sounds like dogs barking are utilized. Sounds creep in and out, synths stab and drop out like the evening being disrupted by a sole scream and overall left me with a feeling of nervousness. There are many moments where Bisch Bosch eerily sulks around and leaps out of the shadows to startle listeners.

Lyrically, imagine seeing a Broadway production starring legitimate scoundrels (Nicolae Ceau?escu- Romanian Communist politician who was executed on Christmas Day- subject of “The Day The Conducator Died (An Xmas Song)), freaks (Zercon- the jester for Attilla The Hun) and knaves. The lead is an unassuming man who revels in being surrounded by the dredge of society who has assembled a historical Legion of Doom to ruin your day.

Bisch Bosch is easily the most harrowing and bizarre musical journey of the year. Fittingly, a near Christmas release for possibly the years most fucked up album for the most fucked up season. Buy for Mitt Romney supporters, anyone who received special gifts from President Obama, your cousin who wants the new Swans/ GSYBE records or anyone heavy into acid. While you’re at it, watch 30th Century Man to try and understand the most out there Ohioan expat.

Bisch Bosch is out now on 4AD Records.

Jill Ebenezer’s End Of 2011 List

Heavy metal is like a fucking cartoon.

Mastodon making an album with Barney.

Metallica and the cartoon named Lou Reed collaborating in what boiled down to the joke of the year.

Let me be your guide on ill shit. Ditch the beard and drop out of your burrito metal band.

No order. Follow my orders and cop. You’re welcome. Continue reading

Saturday at Outland: Enslaved

Some metal bands can be compared to historians. There are some bands who dedicate their entire existence to communicating their ideas about culture. There is Nile and Coffin Texts, both Egyptian themed bands; Xibalba, dedicated to Mayan culture; and Drudkh/ Hate Forest/ Astrofaes, who embrace their Slavonic roots. Enslaved, from Norway, have been playing viking-themed black metal since 1991. While the term “black metal” often elicits panda-painted men singing about satan, Enslaved have always operated outside of the box. Not content with the black metal status quo, Enslaved isn’t all tremolo and blast beats. The band side-steps the traditional sound and evolves toward progressive territories. While some Enslaved albums are not my cup of tea, I often look forward to hearing how the band is interpreting black metal. (You can download The Sleeping Gods EP in exchange for an email after the jump.)

Enslaved is headlining a tour that could have been “Clash of the Titans” for bearded Scion drivers. Unfortunately, polarizing group Ghost had to cancel the tour due to visa issues. Fear not bearded hustlers, Alcest, an equally polarizing French shoegaze band made of metal heads are still on board. Don’t expect any rampant satanism, just some time warp college dorm jams to take you back to 1992 and some dudes frowning. Unlike most metal shows, there may be actual women here. I’m letting you know in advance so you can ditch the deer in the headlights look.

Openers include yankees Junius (heavy progressive/ space rock) and local yankees Struck By Lightning.

The show starts at 6:30 pm on Saturday (October 1st) at Outland Live (18+).
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Review: Liturgy’s “Aesthethica”

MP3: Liturgy – High Gold

I’ve been in denial about Liturgy. I’ve been avoiding them ever since they played the basement of a house here in Columbus when I realized it wasn’t the brutal death metal Liturgy. I missed them at the Scion thing to eat for free and watch the Blue Jackets. Did I make a mistake? New album on Thrill Jockey…huh?! Continue reading

Jill Ebenezer’s Top Ten of 2010

2010 can fuck right off. It was a year of non-stop disapointments and set backs. Truthfully, I can’t wait until 2010 is over because it is one year closer to total annihilation. Surly? Yes, but this is how I cope….

1. 1. Kriegshog- s/t (HG Fact)- every decade it seems that some Japanese hardcore monster is released. This is the one. Features a mind melting collage art of bombs, skeletons and soldiers. The new atomic age is here, pussies. Get on your knees. Added plus, they issued this thing and broke up.
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Thoughts on Jack White’s eBay Cash Grab and Record Store Day


There is a rebellion brewing among fans of Jack White’s label, Third Man Records, over the company’s decision to auction limited-edition releases to the highest bidder. After admitting that Third Man was inspired by profiteers who “flipped” the label’s releases on eBay, White has waded into the debate, telling critics to “stop all of the whining”. “We didn’t do anything to you but give you what you want,” he wrote. “Don’t want them to be expensive? Then guess what? Don’t WANT them.” (full story)

This dude is the lamest and so are his fan boys. If you can’t hang with people flipping YOUR collector versions then don’t make them. Oh wait… but would people buy them without some baseball card geekout feature?

Couple this with RSD Black Friday Edition it leads to believe that I’ll be able to sell my 90’s baseball card collection. Does anyone want a bedazzled Jerome Walton Rated Rookie with an unreleased boob shot taped to the back? First moron with a stiffy can have it for $75.

RSD and RSD Black Friday are luring the same people who would rather buy some Itunes stuff into record stores to buy some manufactured collectable. I mean, most of these people, IMO, have abandoned brick and mortar shops for the ease of ITunes/ downloads but the allure of getting in on the ground floor of something “collectable” is totally insane and will 100% fail when the general public no longer cares about “vinyls”. I’ve said it a million times, I don’t need a “holiday” to spend my money at a good record store.

It is sickening and I personally would rather spend my money on something ill. There are plenty of great records out new and reissued (and used!). Does the world need a “collectable” U2 record? Does the world need another U2 record period? Rock music ended with Les Rallizes Denudes. All these other dudes are false.

It bums me out to see all this major label trash getting issued for RSD. It’s a total cash grab. I read that you could buy the new George Benson on CD on Black Friday RSD (reg release date in Jan). COULD ANYONE CARE ABOUT GEORGE BENSON? ON A CD? I like taking smooth shits but smooth jazz can really fuck off.

Wednesday: Nachtmystium @Carabar

The 2010 Summer of Metal is starting to shape up in Columbus, starting with Nachtmystium on wednesday night at Carabar. For those of you not paying attention (and shame on you for not), Nachtmystium have been one of the forefathers in the USBM movement since their inception 10 years ago. Not content in ripping off Burzum and Darkthrone endlessly,  Nachtmystium have been avoiding the trappings of black metal by including psych influences (and alienating black metal purists). They are touring in support of their new album “Addicts: Black Meddle Part 2” which will be released on Century Media on June 8th. Come out and show the band why Columbus hosted the Scion Fest.

Free. Evil. Wednesday.

Live Review: Insane Clown Posse at the LC– U Don’t Wanna Tussle With A Down Ninjette

Photos by Kirk Kline

Following a trail of destruction is easy. You might have seen the path of tornadoes in Oklahoma as they swooped and destroyed neighborhoods. Walking up to the LC on Sunday night the path of destruction was evident. You could see sticky dried brown liquid on the ground and you could hear it with every step. Yup, high fructose corn syrup all over the ground and that means one thing; the Insane Clown Posse were in town.

The Dark Carnival was on one side of the street and Ringling Brothers on the other side. Both have clowns and both have differing types of clientele. Police were stationed facing the LC. Kirk tried asking the cop a question and was ignored. He knew where we were headed. We knew where we were headed. Ugh. You could hear juggalos over the traffic “WOOT WOOT!”   Continue reading

Live Review: The XX/ JJ/ That other dude at the Wexner Center

Raw review from donewasting’s unpaid staff. Consider this a charitable donation, Duffy.

I was really bummed that there was some other opener last night. I didn’t catch his name. He played techno stuff that had it’s moments. I totally was not into it. The thing that bugged me was he didn’t announce his name until 10 minutes in and I kept thinking “What if this is Kode 9 and I haven’t been paying attention.” Anyhow, if you showed up fashionably late, congrats.

According to jj, hakunna matata means “stoned bored hobo.” She (jj?) was dressed in some brown shawl, black bandana around her neck, black dress and white tennis shoes. In short, a homeless witch. JJ did not help her case against homelessness by constantly scratching her head.

Where it turned interesting was with the music. I won’t front, she has a great voice. Her first song was an acoustic joint that was incredibly stark and bare and complemented her voice wonderfully. Then she took the guitar off and handed it to the other part of jj?! The additional member was a male stoned bored hobo. As he took the guitar, he turned on the laptop where jj showed home movies, played their cd and she essentially turned in a kareoke set. He barely strummed along and watched the movies!

Some of the videos appeared to have been travel channel leftovers of the African savannah, soccer players or home movies. The soccer player featured a costume change on the part of the dude in the band where he shedded his jacket to reveal that he too was wearing A SOCCER JERSEY! Many of the home movies showed jj having some emotion which she showed none of while performing. Essentially, jj’s performance was the equivalent of going on a job interview and answering every question with “UMMMMMMMMMMMM”.

In short, Remember that girl in the freshman dorms that seemed kinda off, lightweight cute, smoked that homegrown bud and would talk frequently about her art? Then you found out she made art with tvs or pictures of her boobs and you thought “this shit sucks”. That was jj. Continue reading