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Video: Barely Eagle live at Ace of Cups

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Barely Eagle is the new project from former members of Church of the Red Museum and Go Evol Shiki!. They made their live debut on Tuesday night at Ace of Cups and I managed to shoot a few songs.

Recordings and more shows coming soon. Check out two more songs after the jump. Continue reading

Review: Puscifer at The LC

The last time Maynard James Keenan and Puscifer came through town we were treated to a near Lynchian hoedown. On this particular occasion we were met by pilots and flight attendants flying the friendly skies of Vagina Air. Yes, Vagina Air.

Two large screens flanked the stage while two smaller picture frame-esque monitors stood side by directly in the middle of the stage. That was also where Maynard and the female counterpart of Puscier, British chanteuse and opener Carina Round would stand behind and gyrate being projected through a fisheye lens. Continue reading

Photos: Rock on the Range 2012

A photo set, because a picture is worth a thousand words.


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Video: Damn the Witch Siren – “Imagination”

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Damn the Witch Siren is Nathan Photos from The Town Monster and Krista Kathleen Botjer from Matte Black Silhouettes aka Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf.

Download the track here.

Be on the lookout for live performances and more songs soon.

RIYL cool 80’s synth pop.

Video: Sundown – “Sleepy Song” + Mansion Burning 12″ on Spoonful Records

Spoonful Records makes a triumphant return to releasing vinyl with Sundown’s Mansion Burning EP, which is good news if you were unable to snag one of the cassettes and better news if you can’t wait for Record Store Day to buy something that you can flip for mega-bucks on ebay down the road.

Upcoming Sundown live performances



Wednesday in Columbus: Alcest at Ace of Cups

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ATTENTION METAL FRANCOPHILES! Alcest is from France. That’s where I’m going with this. Please allow me to apologize in advance, but I can’t think of a more apt term to descibe them than EPIC (anyone who uses this term IRL/unironically deserves to be hanged, drawn and quartered). It’s also very pretty. And heavy. And French.

Alcest – that is music from another world, a world that is real, but that exists beyond ours and cannot be grasped by our senses. A world where all appearances – trees, glades, streams – emit a pearly light and where a faraway and celestial music fills the air like sweet perfume. A world inhabited by infinitely benevolent and protective beings of light, communicating in a wordless ‘language’ directly from one soul to another. A world where the soul knows neither pain nor sickness nor sorrow, but is filled with a deep peace and an ineffable bliss. A world that lies ‘before’ and ‘after,’ ‘beside’ and ‘behind’ our world and the awareness of which stills mankind’s fears of death.

Mercurial Void and Brujas del Sol open.

8pm doors, 9pm show
$13 at the door
Ages 18+

EYE – “Center of the Sun”

A long time coming, Columbus stoner/psych/prog/doom mystical soothsayers EYE are proud to present “Center of the Sun” and whooooo boy it’s a doozy. A serious brain melter if you will. Undoubtedly one of the most solid Columbus releases of the year if not ROTY period.

Download/Stream here

From bandcamp:

All proceeds from digital downloads will go to pressing a limited run of CD’s: Hand printed covers (current digital cover is only temporary) and hand numbered.

If you would like to download the album for free, please do. We only ask that if you enjoy it, share it with other music lovers. Continue reading

Video: The Town Monster – “Bela Lugosi”

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The Town Monster continue their streak of showing you how its done via their softcore horror porn necro snuff film acid trip video for “Bela Lugosi”.

Video written & directed by Nathan Photos and Krista Kathleen Botjer.

Download the song here.

The Town Monster are playing the Trauma 10 Year anniversary on Thursday night.

Thursday in Columbus: Rival Schools at The Basement

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I don’t know if fanboy would be the correct nomenclature to describe my affinity for Rival Schools frontman Walter Schreilfels, and I don’t think nostalgia would do the man justice. The fact of the matter is, the now defunct “post-hardcore” band Quicksand, which Schreifels also fronted, is one of my favorite bands of all time and I was only able to catch them twice. I’ve yet to see Rival Schools, which I would essentially describe as a more mature, poppier Quicksand and if memory serves (which these days it does occasionally) they are yet to headline Columbus, which is what they are doing Thursday evening at the Basement, on tour for release “Pedals”.

I’ll be the asshole shouting out Quicksand song titles until I’m forcibly dragged out.

Balance and Composure and Hostage Calm open, tickets are $16.00 day of show, doors at 7.

Check out Rival Schools performing the Quicksand cover of The Simths cover “How Soon is Now” after the jump Continue reading

Saturday: HEATWAVE! Inaugural Dance Party at Ace of Cups

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From the facebook invite:

HEATWAVE! is an all-vinyl dance party spinning Motown/Garage Rock/Mod/R&B/Soul/Oldies. Check out our Facebook page for more information. Skinny ties and bouffants welcome – but above all, come ready to dance.

we are now at ACE OF CUPS.

Cover: 3 bucks / free before 11pm.

Ace of Cups is 21+. The bar closes at 1am, so get there early to get yr dancing in.

Adam Scoppa of Burglar, Psychic Wheels, Main Street Gospel and 614 Magazine fame will play all of the get-down hits and then some.

The Ohio Film + Music Fest will be on hand to give away 3 pairs of all-access weekend passes.

What else are you doing after Gallery Hop?