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Tonight in Columbus: Birds of Maya, Mount Carmel, Churches Burn

MP3: Birds of Maya – Regulation Side A


Philly cats Birds of Maya just released a 3 song double lp called “Ready to Howl”.

Columbus dudes Mount Carmel just released their first record on Siltbreeze.

Other Columbus guys Churches Burn never sleep.

This Cafe Bourbon St. show is gonna be loud and rad as hell.

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How to Destroy Angels-Trent Reznor’s New Jawn

YouTube Preview Image

In case you just got the internet yesterday and don’t read that other tastemaking music website, How to Destroy Angels is Cleveland homeboy’s post-NIN project with his wife Mariqueen Maandig, formerly of West Indian Girl radness. A six song, self-titled EP is expected sometime this summer. The first track “A Drowning” makes me think of the best NIN record ever “The Fragile.”

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Taco Odyssey Premier at Gateway Film Center Saturday

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From a bar to a theater, way to go dudes…

Per the book

Here we go again! From director Steve Anderson, 43 minutes of mouth watering action, panty dripping romance, and spicy scenarios. Showings at 9pm, 10:30pm, and midnight with the first two showings followed by a live one-song performance by Savage Pinkos and the third showing follwed by a live one-song performance by Sick Thrills. At that point, the theatre will be open to the public for a full set by Sick Thrills at 1am. This theatre has a capacity of 100 seats, so get there early if you want to see a particular showing, or buy your tickets in advance from the Gateway box office.

Bring a date

Tonight in Columbus: Martin Bisi at Carabar

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Super uber mega ultra producer dude, performer, world traveler and cultural antagonist Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Herbie Hancock, John Zorn, a bunch of other cool motherfuckers) is coming to town to rock Carabar reppin his newest release “Son of a Gun” and it will be cool as fuck. How can it not be with ex Cop Shoot Cop dude Michael Kaminski playing bass/geetar and Dresden Dolls dawg Brian Viglione poundin skins?!?!

ipps (Mike O!) and Birds of Hair (Marcy Mays!) start it off right.

Things starting early, sources say 9:30.

Do the dang thang mang!

Tonight in Columbus: Dead Meadow at The Basement

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Dead Meadow is rolling through town with their psych rock freak out and are ready to melt faces and blow minds supporting their latest lp/super-epic dvd release, “Three Kings.”

Lowercase dude and former Yeah Yeah Yeahs helper outer Imaad Wasif and local psych hounds The Mainstreet Gospel open.


Doooo itttt or you will be so pissed. TRUST MY JUDGMENT!!!!

Perfect.Psych rock.Show.No Shit.

Weakened Wrap-up #21: Bloggers gonna Blog

Pictured: Nick Tolford and Company@GenWex presents: Off the Grid

Perhaps I’ve said it before (no way I’m trudging through those old posts) and If I haven’t, I’m saying it now. I’m a bringer togetherer, make it happennerer and a motherfucking idea factory. Basically what I’m saying is let’s all be cool, hang out and high five-you know? Life’s too short to not be a cool motherfucker!

In this blogisode, I pretty much ran myself ragged but I had a fuuuucking blast. Mouth of the Architect slayed, I somehow found time to check out a couple CD101 day Big Room performances, GenWex presents put on a killer benefit called Off the Grid with a bunch of awesome food and good looking people, Nick Tolford and Company made the crowd wet (myself included), The Hood Internet rocked the joint hard, I managed to catch a couple Brainbow songs at Carabar, did shots with Ron and jammed to some Team Tim Trivia (y’all gotta get on this).


Saturday in Columbus: EYE@Carabar

For after Record Store Day. (Baliey from Teeth of the Hydra‘s new jawn) Ton o shit going on. Tolford and Co. at Monster House, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream at Skully’s. Naam/Radio Moscow/Mt.Caramel at Summit. ALL THE COOL KIDS WILL BE AT CARABAR!!!! DO IT!!! YEAH!!!!

Saturday in Columbus: Brainbow@Carabar

Brainbow Brainbow Brainbow


For after Off the Grid at Wex

Also The Backup is playing.


Insane Clown Posse – Miracles

YouTube Preview Image

You know donewaiting is just an extension of the juggalo family

Saturday in Columbus: Ben Hamilton Benefit/Lou Poster’s (Grafton) B-day

From the horses mouth

In order to help out our friend Ben Hamilton we are making this saturday’s show a benefit. The show at Summit is also a birthday party for the salty old helmsman of the bar (yrs truly) with “performances” by some Ohio favorites… Guinea Worms, Unholy Two, We March, and Grafton. Strongest Man Alive, Righteous Buck and the Skull Scorchers, and Washington Beach Bums will be at Bobo. 5 bucks for both shows, pay at either door. the set times will be staggered out so you can stagger between them.

Also, just so you know, the kitchen at Cafe Bourbon Street is back in action, with tacos (yep, Dave was a ninja), hot dogs, empanandas, hamburgers, pepperoni rolls, and a whole lot more to keep you fueled up for beer fueling. Menu and schedule of Dollar specials to follow.

ps i hate when people call it CBS. anyone else?