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 Post subject: Guitarist & Keyboardist needed for Org.Rock Band - Recor
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 10:59 am 

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We are trying to find 2 more band mates to complete our original rock band. We are currently recording our debut album and already have the funding to complete the album through a small start-up record label.
With that said do not get the wrong idea, we are not currently full time musicians and have real jobs. If a miracle happens and the album\band are successful enough to provide "real" incomes of course we would pursue the opportunity. Currently the band's goal is to create an album(s) and promote them my playing regionally (currently practice in Bexley) not full blown tours across country or anything.
Our style is not consistent. Meaning you could compare 2 different songs and have a hard time relating the style. We have songs that sound similar to some of the following bands....Killers, David Bowie, Cure, Stone Temple Pilots, RadioHead, Mr. Bungle, Marlyn Manson. We will let anyone serious about joining listen to our studio scratches. Due to legal reasons we are not suppose to post public links to the songs.
As far as what we are looking for in our new band mates.


The guitarist must be at or near professional level and the style we are looking for is edgy rock to share work with our other guitarist who is crazy smooth. My idea of edgy rock guitar is Tool, Hendrix, Alice in Chains, Radiohead, you know a lot wah, feedback, scrapes, weird notes.
The guitarist needs to be capable of rhythm and leads for he we be sharing these duties with the other guitarist. The singer can also play rhythm guitar if needed.


I don't know exactly what skill level the keyboardist needs to be for I don't really know how hard it is to add the sounds we want for the songs. I guess the best comparison would be keys similar to the Killers(Which sounds more creative than hard). However, a jam band key style could definitely fit in some of our songs but the main goal of the keys is to bring in some different sounds similar to the Killers album. Also, we do not want keys in every song just because we have a keyboardist. If it fits, great, otherwise we are not going to force keys into the song. If you want to contribute to the song you will need to sing backup or pick up another instrument that fits the song. I would think with all the sounds literally at your fingertips, you should be able to find something that can lay low in the background for the songs we don't want the keys upfront.

Additional skills is a Plus:
A versatile musician would definitely be desirable. We would like to have the ability as a band to get as close to the sound we lay down in the studio. Also, just have the skill set in the band to create different sounds. We are hoping with are current lineup (singer\r. guitarist\guitarist(lead & rhy.), bass, drums) and the addition of these 2 members to have a band capable of pulling off anything we desire. So skill at other instruments and so is backup singing. We are very vocally intense and need as many capable singers as possible.

This band's only purpose is to create new music and record it. That is the only guarantee I can give you if you join. Also, anyone with ego problems please do not even bother. We are going to have too many band members with too much talent to manage any egos. Music first, personal acclaim last. Age isn't a problem. We are mostly in are late 20s but do not care about age or fashion BS. If you are good but are hideous we will work it out, stick you in a gorilla suit or something when we are out in public.

Sorry for the novel, but obviously we are serious and hopefully the only people still reading to get my email,, are the serious candidates. Haha Later

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