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Happy Sixth Birthday,

At 6 years old, can now go to kindergarten and drink wine coolers. We are celebrating with a huge show in Columbus tomorrow featuring Envelope, Two Cow Garage, Adulture, and Moon High. Details here.

Here’s some numbers from the past few years. If I can think of any more I’ll add them in.

4,667 Posts
119,643 deleted spam comments via Akismet
3 different blogging platforms (Blogger to Moveable Type to WordPress)
22 writers
1 now deceased podcast that was written up in Spin

Message Board
222,547 posts
4,811 members
2 message board softwares (Delphi Forums to PHPBB)

4 different web hosts (currently Host Gator)
7 full length albums released on our record label
2 lawsuits threatened
363 followers on Twitter
207 fans on Facebook
1,853 friends on MySpace
1 day show during SXSW

Envelope Works on The Corner Store

Envelope Works on The Corner Store

When Envelope says he’s presenting The Corner Store for the anniversary on Saturday, he really means it. Other bands just sing and play instruments, but Envelope is giving you a goddamned set too.

Keep reading for more photos of the construction. Continue reading