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Source Material for Indie Rock Trends: jaytram “Solstice Mix 2013”

Jaytram 1

A message from Jaytram:
“A new mix from the depths of winter, to help ease you into spring. More random jams I’ve been listening to recently. I hope you enjoy. j”

Big love to Jay for shouting out Donewaiting and Columbus, OH on this mix. See him DJ music in Columbus this Saturday at Ace of Cups for the Donewaiting 10 Year Anniversary.

Source Material for Indie Rock Trends: Jaytram Late Summer Mix 2012

Photo by Metal Alvin

Jaytram’s Late Summer Mix 2012 might be his best mix yet. Nothing more to say. Just listen and vibe.Track listing below.

2-booker t & the mg’s – summertime
3-black blood and the chocolate pickles – mississippi mud
4-cymande – willy’s headache
5-formerly fat harry – my friend was a pusher
6-the byrds – draft morning
7-moby grape – i am not willing
8-billy nicholls – daytime girl (coda)
9-smart brothers – barefoot philly
10-shacalao – cumbia moderna de soledad
11-ray wylie hubbard – portales
12-chuck “snake” owston – neon nightmare
13-mack allen smith – i’m not drunk i’m just drinking
14-funkadelic – biological speculation
15-junior mance – before this time another year (live)
16-trevor dandy – is there any love
17-burning spear – old time saying
18-dennis brown – revolution
19-trevor hartley – it must be love
20-johnny osbourne, ft bunny brown – love makes the world go round
21-big mama thornton – summertime
22-sir doug & the texas tornados – texas ranger man
23-outro, segment from earth watch radio show

Sinkane Releases New Single “Runnin'” + Remixes Including Caribou

Yesterday we wrote about Sinkane performing at a new Brooklyn music festival curated by The National, and today brings a new single which also includes remixes by Caribou, among others.

Buy Wild Belle’s single “Keep You” on iTunes

Wild Belle

Here it is, babies: You can now purchase Wild Belle’s “Keep You” b/w “Take Me Away” on iTunes. Limited edition 12″ single available in record stores as well. Don’t sleep!

Download Jaytram Mix Tapes on Soundcloud

Y’all wanna hear some real shit? Jaytram has posted his mixes from past and present on Soundcloud . Jaytram is from another planet. He brings to you an energy that you’ve always wanted to feel but have never been able to produce. Get familiar, people: Jaytram is the Don.

New Music: Wild Belle – Keep You

YouTube Preview Image

NOMO bandleader, Iron & Wine live member and fellow Midwesterner Elliot Bergman has a new project called Wild Belle.
Their first single “Keep You” is a sexy dubbed out psychedelic pop jam. Here it above and on their bandcamp.



Source Material for Indie Rock Trends: Jaytram – Late Summer Rainy Day Mix 2011

Jaytram plays drums in Yeasayer and Sinkane. He can turn anything into a drum set. He’s also an amazing DJ and a great dancer. Below is a link for his latest mix. It’s appropriate for any time of the year (not just late Summer on a rainy day).


Source Material for Current Indie Rock Trends: Female Sudanese Rap

M.I.A. boasts a miltant fashionista political agenda. It’s pretty cool but, after three records, the only things gathered from her guerrilla musical musings are an attachment to flashy neon clothing and marrying a rich dude. Historically, struggle has yielded a lot of creative and amazing art. A notable one being the Black American struggle which has lead to… well… The current state of the music. Watching a Sudanese woman rap “I want to sing for freedom/I want to sing for Love” in a thoub and dunks is incredible. We’ve come a long way. I guess some dope shit is surfacing out of the current state of affairs in Sudan.

YouTube Preview Image

Source Material for Current Indie Rock Trends: DJ Lengua Rebajada Mota Mix

Incredible new mix from Los Angeles dude Eamon Ore-Giron aka DJ Lengua.

Rebajada is a Mexican DJ style. It, essentially, is slowing down the beat of a super fast gaita, guaracha and cumbia to create a much more tangible music to dance to. Some sonideros take it even a step further by tranquilizing the cocaine induced beats of Colombia and Peru. The end result, music on heroin.” (Super Sonido)

DJ Screw was the main music mixer for the Screwed Up Click and involved in the Houston hip hop scene; screw music, a type of rap music with heavy bass and “a languid, eerie quality” is named for him. Houston is really close to Mexico.

Download – DJ Lengua Mota Mix

Source Material for Current Indie Rock Trends: Ayman Al-Rubo3

Duffy note: We’re really excited that Ahmed Gallab aka Sinkane aka currently performing with Yeasayer aka the coolest dude you’ll never be is going to be blogging for us.

I’ve posted one of these videos before on the Sinkane blog but I think it deserves another post.

YouTube Preview Image

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