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The Evil Queens Heading to Chicago, Detroit This Weekend

MP3: Year of the Cretin
MP3: Wildflower

The Evil Queens are a band on the record label, Sunken Treasure Records. They’re heading to Chicago and Detroit this weekend:

11/2 Detroit @ The Belmont
with None More Black

11/3 Chicago @ Quencher’s
with Milk at Midnight and America’s #1 Sweetheart

America’s #1 Sweetheart also features Chicago man-about-town Tankboy. I think it’s one of their first shows.

Here’s a recent review from Jambase:

The Evil Queens are the Buckeye State’s best kept secret. Charging with a brand of sloppy stoner rock that’s tough as nails, you could easily find the Queens sitting at the end of a bar sharing a bottle of Old Granddad or challenging you to a tussle with a broken bottle. While the music has the most abrasive elements of grunge ala early Soundgarden and the tormenting stance of Mudhoney, it’s bar rock and “fuck you” attitude will leave the leave barkeep mopping up blood and sweeping teeth off the floor after one of their gigs. Guitarist Mike Eckhardt’s scraggy riffs are more chiseled than Clint Eastwood while the chili powder snarl from lead man Jacob Sundermeyer’s voice sears with the heat of a tattoo needle. Loud, fiery and pulverizing, The Evil Queens remind us that rock & roll and troublemaking have never been too far apart.

Grinderman in Chicago

Our man TJ drove from Columbus to Chicago to see Wednesday’s Grinderman show, and he’s posted a pretty extensive reivew in our message board.

“This is gonna be hard for anything to top as show of the year. Hell, it might be show of the year for a couple of years ”

Set list:

get it on
depth charge ethel
electric alice
set me free
go tell the women
man in the moon
when my love comes down
no pussy blues
love bomb

red right hand (encore 1)
the weeping song (encore 1)
deanna (encore 1)
lyre of orpheus (encore 1)

the ship song (encore 2)
jack the ripper (encore 2)

The best description of the new Wilco album I've read so far.

This is from Joel Reese’s profile of the band in this week’s issue of Time Out Chicago:

Given the stellar band Tweedy has assembled, it occasionally feels like he’s behind the wheel of a brand new Porsche but won’t take it above 25 miles per hour.

You can download a nifty Wilco family tree created by Time Out here.

But will they have Sparks?

If you’re in Chicago, The Prairie Cartel is DJing upstairs at Schuba’s tonight, and one of their crew (Scott Lucas, who is also in a little band named Local H) is pulling double-duty as a guest bartender for the evening. For a bunch of rockers, they actually turn out some pretty fun electro-lite. It should be a hell of a blast — I actually pulled the flyer from Cynthia Plaster Caster’s archives so who knows just what the hell is going on — so I urge you to attend. Deets are below.


Look, we at donewaiting know of which we speak!

I’ll be appearing on this panel tonight:

Promoting and Marketing Music: Part I
DIY Marketing to the Public

Monday October 30, 2006
6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Chicago Cultural Center
Yates Gallery 4th Floor
77 E. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL

Build relationships with your audience to create fans, and do the marketing yourself. Panelists will advise on the growing array of direct marketing tools artists may find effective to gain fans and attract new audiences. Panelists will discuss their experiences making the best use of internet sites like MySpace, Email newsletters, Music Downloads/Podcasting, self-distribution and sales of music as well as managing your website as the hub for all of these activities. In addition, the panel will discuss how to integrate the new methods with traditional marketing such merchandise, street teams, flyers, posters, cds, performing live, attracting media coverage and commercial music distribution.

Moderated by:
Mark Roth, Chicago Music Commission and Centerstage Chicago

Jim Kopeny, donewaiting / Chicagoist / Tankboy Productions
Jay Prasad, Pure Entertainment
Micah Taylor, Direction Marketing
Doug LeFrak, Feisty Management

All forums include post-forum networking.

It should be interesting to see how my views stack up against those of a few of my peers on these subjects. I think this particular topic is ripe for some great discussion given the speed with which the underlying structure of said topic keeps changing.

Plus, what better do you have to do on a Monday evening just after work?

Ok whoa!

I’ve been an unabashed fan of OKGo (and apparently was the only Chicagoan to even pay any attention to their sophomore effort pre-“A Million Ways” choregraphy) for quite a few years now. With that in mind, I thought, yeah, that first dancing video was cute, but it got annoyng awfully quickly. It didn’t help that it was paired with what I thought was a) the weakest song on the album and b) an obvious Cardigans rip-off.

They totally redeem themselves with this one though. I am awestruck.

Pitchfork Festival Wrap Up

We took a pretty relaxed approach to the festival. Spent most of the time at my friend Clint’s booth in the Flatstock area where it was shady and you could still hear the music. Bands were good, the vibe was great. Food was reasonably priced, bottled water was only a buck and there was a big fountain to refill water for free.

The only thing I didn’t realize was that I was supposed to wear my gym outfit from 1987. Other than that, I got nothing bad to say at all. Good job, Pitchfork.