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Swearing at Motorists Offer Entire Album for Free

I got an e-mail from Dave of Swearing at Motorists today alerting me that they are making their new album, NAME OF ALBUM, available for free MP3 download now through Election day.

MP3: Done in a Hurry
MP3: This Is Not How Forever Begins

Download the entire album here.

On tour:

10/07/06 Dayton, OH – Gilley’s
10/10/06 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop…. w/ Paper Cranes
10/11/06 Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection…. w/ Paper Cranes
10/12/06 Chicago, IL – Schuba’s…. w/ Paper Cranes
10/13/06 Columbus, OH – Little Brothers…. w/ The Wrens
10/14/06 Newport, KY – Southgate House…. w/ The Wrens
10/15/06 Bloomington, IN – Landlocked Music
10/16/06 Chattanooga, TN – LaMar’s
10/18/06 Tampa, FL – New World Brewery…. w/ New Roman Times
10/19/06 Gainesville, FL – Common Grounds…. w/ Holopaw
10/20/06 Orlando, FL – AKA Lounge
10/21/06 St. Augustine, FL – Cafe Eleven…. w/ Holopaw
10/22/06 Mt. Pleasant, SC – Village Tavern
10/24/06 Nashville, TN – Exit / In
10/26/06 Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506…. w/ Hudson Bell + Dodo Bird
10/27/06 Philadelphia, PA – North Star Bar
10/28/06 Allston, MA – Great Scott
10/29/06 Providence, RI – The Century
11/01/06 New York, NY – Fotana’s…. w/ CMJ Showcase Fields of Gaffney
11/02/06 Dayton, OH – Pearl Nite Club

MP3: New Robert Pollard

Robert Pollard‘s preparing his second solo release on Merge for October 10, and he’s released an MP3 for your downloading pleasures.

MP3: Supernatural Car Lover
BONUS: Second MP3 over here at Marathon Packs.
BUY: Pre-order on

Hawthorne Heights Sues Record Label

Dayton’s screamo darlings, Hawthorne Heights is suing it’s record label. According to this Billboard article, the shit has hit the fan.

There’s so many juicy tidbits from the article I just want to cut and paste the whole thing.

Here’s a few highlights:

  • The band claims that Brummel’s “overly-aggressive, unethical and illegal schemes and tactics,” including physically threatening music industry figures and scheming against other artists, have severely damaged the band’s reputation and its relationship with fans.

  • The label signed the band’s name without their knowledge or approval to a so-called manifesto, which falsely stated that the band believed it was in some type of war with artists in the hip-hop and R&B music genres, leading many to brand the band as racist.
  • Despite sales of nearly 1.5 million units of the band’s recordings and videos, Victory and Brummel claim that the band owes the label in excess of $1 million, the suit says, even though Victory has received in excess of $10 million in revenues from their sale of Hawthorne Heights’ CDs, DVDs and merchandise.

The band has also posted more information (their point of view) on their official website.

At least they’ll still be making $100K at the Orange County Fair.

Dayton’s Elbo’s Purchased by New Owner, Now Called The Roi

Awhile back, management changed at Dayton’s Elbo’s and things went to hell. This was chronicled in the message board here and here.

It looks like things are about to get better, though, check it out:

Hello, My name is Craig and I’ve been playing in bands forever(The Method, Lets Crash, Shesus, The Black Cloud) and I just had the oppurtunity to purchase the bar (Elbos) and I thought that this could be a great thing for the music scene. It fell into bad hands a while back and I plan on turning it around.

I’m opening Sept.1 and I have a lot of slots to fill and I would like to get this place cranking….Help me out. Send me something with an mp3 or a myspace link. If you want to bring another band with you thats cool too.

Booking contact:

Hopefully they’ll turn things around, Dayton definitely needs this venue.