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Project Blowed SXSW BBQ ft Aceyalone, Slim The Mobster, Zero Star + More

Hahaha. ┬áColumbus Ohio’s Zero Star & Maggz play the Project Blowed BBQ. Blueprint’s DJ Rare Groove is also performing.

Aceyalone, Busdriver, and Slim the Mobster are on the packed bill thrown by the legendary So-Cal Rap Collective.

Donew8ing: Funky D

Providing the vinyl-based musical backdrop for tonight‘s festivities will be enigmatic DJ Funky D, aka… I’ve spun records in local bars for almost 7 years now, mostly as a member of Funkdefy but also in a variety of other settings. My specialty is funk and soul from the 70s and the 00s, but also love to play jazz, hip-hop, indie and classic rock when I get the chance. Tonight’s selections will include most of the above, with some Columbus treats tossed in. Taking requests now if you have any ideas. See you tonight!

Videos of some of my favorite jams.

Donew8ing: Phantods

Good thing we asked Phantods to play our anniversary show a couple months ago. Since then, the band has been getting solid airplay on Columbus’ CD101 and just played in front of a sold out crowd at the Newport opening for Fitz and the Tantrums. With some regional touring and a vinyl release in the works, it looks like 2011 will be their year.

Catch them tonight at our anniversary show at Kobo before the band fully graduates to larger venues only.

Looking back: My first post on Donewaiting

Ah, time to get all sentimental and weepy, this being the week of the 8th anniversary of the launch of Donewaiting. Very few people are still around from the early days of the site (where in the world is Charlie Tokyo?) and the first message board (Penny from the Block?). That’s all before Duffy really got his shit together and turned this into the gold that it is today.

Just for fun, I hopped into the wayback machine (aka and did some digging around to see if I could find my first contribution to the Donewaiting that we all know and love today. Lo and behold, I found it.
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Donewaiting Anniversary Shows Through the Ages

As we prepare for Friday’s 8 Year Anniversary show in Columbus, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the shows we’ve done over the years for anniversaries.

With a few exceptions, we’ve always tried to invite different bands each year to the anniv shows to keep it fresh. Miranda Sound played every year (including launch party) while the band was around, Envelope and Brainbow made multiple appearances, and a few others, but for the most part it’s always been a bit different year to year.


Happy Chichester
Kenan Bell
Thought Collective
DJ Detox

Envelope Presents The Corner Store
Moon High
Two Cow Garage


Show 1
Blueprint + Brainbow
El Jesus de Magico
Miranda Sound
Mike Shiflet

Show 2
Deathly Fighter
This Moment in Black History
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Clinton Reno’s Flyer for Friday’s 8 Year Anniversary Show

Thanks, as always, to our main man Clinton Reno.

The show is Friday night in Columbus. Are you coming?