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A note to the labels.

drm_killing_music.jpgHey, I’m all for digitally downloadable albums that are sent to me for review. It saves the labels / publicists / bands postage and all, and it gets the disc in my hands right away. But, and I’m looking at you RCA, home of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, I am NOT installing proprietary software onto my computer in order to hear the fucking files. C’mon, who is stupid enough to trust a label for that sort of thing again?
STOP TRYING TO PROTECT YOUR FUCKING SONGS LIKE THIS. It’s hopeless. They’re going to get out there. (While you’re alienating me, I know for a fact that this particular album is available (WIDELY available) via numerous P2P networks.)
Instead of trying to shackle the music, how about if you just get a fucking clue and redirect your business model to get in step with the times? NO ONE wants to install proprietary software on their computer in order to listen to a song or an album.
Get. A. Fucking. Clue.

Dresden Dolls Ain’t Making Much Cash

I’m the only fan of Dresden Dolls that I know, but I do know they have a pretty strong fanbase. They’ve had some really big tours and, at least in Columbus Ohio, get a lot of radio airplay. So I was surprised to read this article on NPR about the band barely making much money to get by.

The article mentions the need to pay out $1,000 a day for a tour bus, which seems a bit excessive. They are a two piece! Granted, they need to lug around a piano and some other gear, but I have to think that if they wanted to save some cash, they could find ways to cut corners.

Regardless, it is an interesting read. I hope they figure out a way to make fist fulls of cash, cuz like I said, I do like them… (and so does my sister).

It’s the End of V2 As We Know It

So V2 records has completely restructured, laying off a ton of people and leaving a lot of bands homeless including The White Stripes, Moby, Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos and Jill Sobule.

The Knack Sues Apple, Amazon … and the World

Twenty years later and BAM! Lawsuit!

The Knack is suing Apple, Amazon, Yahoo, RealNetworks, Napster – and rap group Run DMC – for copyright infringement, based on the distribution of Run DMC’s 1986 song “It’s Tricky,” which is alleged to have used an unauthorized sample of The Knack’s “My Sharona.” As if that weren’t enough, they’ve named Russel Simmons and a handful of music publishers and record labels in the suit just to make sure they’ve covered all 20 years worth of bases. (full story)

Seems like a silly lawsuit, but what doesn’t these days?

Spiralfrog to Offer Free Downloads from the Major Labels

Spiralfrog plans to offer free MP3 downloads of major label bands, funded through advertising.

Interesting idea, I guess. Not sure how it would work. If Toyota buys an ad on Spiralfrog, for say, $400,000, how many mp3 downloads does that equate? Does an mp3 go offline once the advertising campaign has run it’s course? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

More details in this article.