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MP3: Ezra Furman – We Should Fight ( presents Live at Electraplay)

As you’ll see in these videos, Ezra Furman is the walking definition of idiosyncratic. He yelps. He gestures oddly. He’s simultaneously cocksure and sheepish about his songs. Most importantly, though, he’s a fine songwriter, taking electric-Dylan tropes and slathering them with frantic confessionalism and a little bit of awkwardness just to keep things real.

Furman asks us to fall in love with his world. It’s not a hard thing to do. Keep reading for more videos. Continue reading Presents Live at Electraplay: Langhorne Slim (with bonus mp3)

MP3: Diamonds and Gold ( Presents Live at Electraplay)

Doing original video on the site is something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long, long, while. Never could find the spare time or assemble the right people to put it together… But with Joel running things in Columbus and James @ Electraplay managing these sessions, it looks like dreams really do come true.

This session featuring Langhorne Slim is definitely my favorite. Not only are the videos great, but this amazing version of “Diamonds and Gold” can be downloaded as an MP3. Listening to this MP3 for like the tenth time and it’s bringing me so much happiness. If you don’t have the new album, Be Set Free, get it pronto.

Keep reading for all the videos and credits for the session. Continue reading presents “Live at Electraplay” #3: Alberta Cross

MP3: Leave Us and Forgive Us (Live at Electraplay)

Borrowing from an old Beatles song (one that was remade by Pearl Jam), “I’ve got a feeling” about Alberta Cross, one that tells me that they’ve only scratched the surface on the rock behemoth they’ll someday be. To date, they’ve done everything the right way – putting out a great debut full of solid songcrafting and then touring and touring and touring so that people take notice. As you’ll discover in the latest Live at Electraplay session, Alberta Cross has not only performed coast-to-coast as a headlining act, but have also opened for some pretty big names (and a wide musical spectrum at that) in their short time together.

In late August and early September, you can catch Alberta Cross out west with the Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper. In the meantime, check them out here as they give us a very special and intimate performance.

Here’s the full Vimeo feature with all the performances and interview segments together, and the rest of the chopped-and-condensed, single-song YouTube versions. (Interview by yours truly, filming and editing by Electraplay, animation by Nick Cavalier.) More bands coming very soon.

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For this next Live at Electraplay session, we filmed Barsuk finger-tappers Maps & Atlases and talked to them about some songs. Columbus folks: An interesting tidbit that you’ll hear in the above clip is that “Israeli Caves” was originally written on the back patio area at Skully’s.

Here’s the full Vimeo feature with all the performances and interview segments together, and after the jump you’ll find the rest of the chopped-and-condensed, single-song YouTube versions. More bands coming very soon.

Continue reading presents “Live at Electraplay.” Episode 1: Phantogram

We here at have wanted high-quality, original video on this site for a while now, and that up there ^^ is the first installment of the realization of that vision. Here’s what you can expect. A few times a month we’ll post a new “Live at Electraplay” episode, which will feature touring bands performing songs live at Electraplay Studios, along with some interview segments with the band. And thanks to James Allison, Tony Stewart, the videographers (Thorne & Nathan Photos shot this one) and the rest of the fine folks at EP, each episode will look and feel like a mini-documentary, complete with top-notch video & audio (which sometimes will be available as exclusive MP3s, as well).

The intention is for each session to have its own distinct feel. We may do some on-site sessions from time to time at a venue before a show. Or maybe follow a band as they tool around Columbus. So it’ll morph from band to band, but generally Live at Electraplay episodes will be 20-30 minutes in length (on Vimeo, above), but if you just want snippets or only want to see/hear a certain song, we’re breaking it up into smaller, standalone segments on YouTube with the corresponding song titles.

So, to kick it off, enjoy these interviews and performances with Phantogram, a duo from Saratoga Springs, New York, that I described previously as somewhat similar to the xx, but Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel are less effete and not as minimalistic. “Mouthful of Diamonds,” below, is a good place to start.

“Mouthful of Diamonds”
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