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Breaking: Dispatch to cease publication of The Other Paper at the end of January

Not to overload you guys with death news, but the Dispatch Printing Company (parent company of the Columbus Dispatch) announced today that after this month it will cease publication of The Other Paper, which it acquired in the sale of American Community Newspapers back in 2011. Four more issues, then that’s it. Here’s the full release

Columbus, Ohio (January 4, 2013) – The Dispatch Printing Company announced today that it will cease publication of The Other Paper at the end of the current month. The last issue is set for distribution on Thursday, January 31, 2013.

The Other Paper was one of the Central Ohio media properties acquired in September, 2011 from American Community Newspapers. It became a second free-distribution entertainment weekly publication for The Dispatch Printing Company which already had Alive! in its portfolio of products.

“In viewing the research of who reads the two publications, and after hearing from the local advertising community, it became more and more obvious that one publication would better serve our readers and advertisers,” said Michael Fiorile, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Dispatch Printing Co.

Reader feedback indicated that The Other Paper and alive! had too much overlap between the two publications. Advertiser feedback indicated the two publications didn’t have enough differentiation in their audiences. Alive! was judged the stronger brand which led to the final decision.

This decision will allow more focus and resources to be directed toward alive! in 2013 which serves readers and advertisers in the very best way.

All media inquiries should be directed to Phil Pikelny, VP-Dispatch Digital and Chief Marketing Officer at (614) 461-5222 or

It’s sad news, and it stings, given that TOP was voted Ohio’s best alternative weekly by the Cleveland Press Club in 2011 and 2012. …I’ll probably have more to say later.

Watch: RJD2 Discusses “Life Without Limits”

YouTube Preview Image

MP3: DivineFits “WTNBN” RJD2 remix
MP3: Soul Position- “The Good Life”

RJD2 has been on a bit of a roll recently. He released an album with his original Columbus Hip Hop crew, MHz Legacy ,at the end of October. RJ also linked up with Blueprint for a new Soul Position song called the Good Life. The Columbus ex-pat just remixed “Would That Not Be Nice” by his sometime drummer Sam Brown’s new band the Divine Fits. On election day RJ dropped a new song with Kenna.

Above is a short documentary RJ did with T-Mobile entitled “Life Without Limits” where RJ takes a camera crew around his current hometown Philly while RJ gives his perspective on being an artist. In this video we follow RJ around town, watch him perform shows and also visit his home, while the revered producer and live performer explains that his main motivation is the enjoyment of making music.


Wale Announces Slight Work Dance Contest

Slight Work? Work It?! MMG recording artist Wale is having a contest where dance crews can submit themselves getting down to Slight Work.
The winners will have their video showcased by all of Wale’s social networking sites and also win prizes. More info on the contest here.

Do not do this.

Watch the official video for “Slight Work” below below and then work it out.

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SPIN’s redesign and why I like it

After spending some time with the newly redesigned and refocused SPIN –– the March/April edition with Sleigh Bells on the cover — I’m convinced it’s the first music magazine to finally get ahead of the curve, and it did so by embracing some things that would seem counterintuitive at first glance.

It’s large. While every magazine and newspaper in America is getting smaller and thinner, SPIN just got bigger and thicker — 9.5 inches wide and a foot long. (Most glossies, in comparison, are around 8 inches wide and between 10 and 11 inches in length.) That means big art, more art and more text. It also means that the magazine is now bimonthly, likely because even a mainstream pub like SPIN can’t afford to put out a magazine like that every month. But in adjusting to bimonthly, SPIN forced itself to become what a post-Web 2.0 music magazine should be: A place for long-form stories and analysis (with nice, wide columns of text). Even daily print publications rarely break news that wasn’t first found on the web, so a monthly or bimonthly magazine shouldn’t attempt to. The stories should hold up. They should be relevant two months after the magazine hits newsstands. Judging by this first issue, SPIN gets that.

It feels good. It’s bulky and remains perfect-bound, but the gloss is gone. The matte cover is a thick card stock, and more than half the magazine is matte. It feels special, artful, homemade and more than a bit nostalgic, but not cloying Instagram-nostalgic. (There’s still some glossy pages in the first half of the book; I’d recommend going all in and getting rid of the glossy feel entirely.)
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