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Video: Andrew W.K. Does Party Hard @ David Blaine’s Tesla Coil

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For the past 3 nights and 3 Nights David Blaine has stood surrounded by 1 Million Volts of Electricity in New York for a performance piece called ELECTRIFIED.  The volts were generated by the public who controlled the direction and intensity of the light and sound emitted by the telsa coils through Intel Ultra Book devices in stations in New York, London, Beijing, Sydney, and Tokyo along with the use of the #ELECTRIFIED hashtag.

Andrew W.K.(in the video above and interviewed after the jump), POP ETC, HEALTH, Gavin Russom, Prince Rama, WINWIN, and Javelin along with Pharrell, Darren Aronofsky, Rachel Weisz, Chris Rock, Woody Harrelson, Jonathan Cheban, Jemima Kirke, Harmony Korine, the Cults, and Alicia Silverstone all participated in the experience at Pier 54 in New York City.

Pharrell thinkin’ ‘damn that’s ill’

Today, Reggie Watts will play the tesla coils at 3PM. Additionally, there will be a special musical performance at 7PM for the closing of the event. The entire event stream here. Unless you are in China. Then it will be streamed here.

Andrew W.K. interview after the jump.

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Way Yes to Play Lefse Records CMJ Showcase

Columbus, Ohio’s Way Yes is playing their Record Label’s Lefse CMJ Showcase @ Pianos in New York City on October 16th. Cost is $8 at the door, and the first 100 attendees receive a free Lefse Records beer coozy.Line-up on the flyer. For more info click here.

Download: Sweet Valley – “Eternal Champ”

Credit: Dan Monick

Download: Sweet Valley – Eternal Champ

Ok, Sweet Valley is hold-up. Wait. Ok.

So Nathan Williams of Wavves put out some records, toured the world and then bought himself a house. His lil bro bro was Kynan chillin’ at their parents San Diego crib-o making electronic pop music. Nathan Williams told Kynan Williams that he would let him move out of his parent’s spot and into the new crib  for free under the condition that Kynan would work on this Sweet Valley project with him.  I guess they bonded over Shadow, Dipset, Dilla and DJ Screw. The press release doesn’t say that Nathan smoked Kynan out. It does say Kynan is 5 years’ younger than Nathan and Nathan did not want Kynan to steal his weed.

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Blueprint Announces New Album “Deleted Scenes”

Columbus Rhymesayer Blueprint is set to release a new album “Deleted Scenes” on Weightless on October 16th.

In describing the Deleted Scenes album, Blueprint comments:
“I wrote and recorded at least 75 songs for my last album, Adventures in Counter-Culture. Only 15 of those songs were chosen for the final tracklist. Many of the remaining songs were good (some very good), but weren’t chosen for the album because their vibe or message didn’t fit the overall theme that I was going for. I soon realized that although these songs didn’t fit into what Adventures in Counter-Culture ultimately turned into, they still played a significant role in telling my story. After revisiting many of these songs, I came to the conclusion that the best of them should be heard by the people who support me to the fullest, so I took some time to fully produce these songs. The result is Deleted Scenes”

Track list after the jump.

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Daymon Day Parade Skateboard Contest Announced

“This year at Daymon Day there will be a jump ramp contest. Come break out your classic grabs!”

Sponsored By Black Sheep & Embassy Boardshop

Listen: Pusha T / Raekwon/ Joel Ortiz “Tick,Tock”

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Pusha T, Raekwon and Joel Ortiz team-up from “Tick, Tock” a new song from RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fists Soundtrack.  “Tick, Tock” is produced by Frank Dukes and S-1.  I think posting you-tube videos of just songs is kinda corny. But this song is dope and you have to listen to it somehow.

Soundtrack out October 23rd

Movie will hit theatres November 2nd

full soundtrack track listing after the jump. The  Sound track has a Black Keys/Rza collab as well a Kanye solo joint..

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MHz Legacy Announce Tracklist and Share Artwork

The MHz were a Columbus Hip Hop group in the late 90’s that signed to Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle Em’ Records and paved the the way for the solo careers of RJD2, Copywrite, the late Camu Tao, Jakki and Tage Prototype and C.olumbus Hip Hop in general. Today the Mhz Legacy album was announced with guest appearances by Ill Bill, Danny Brown, Slug, OHno, Playdough, Aaron Livingston, Middle Distance Runner and Blu. RJD2 did some of the beats as well as Harry Fraud, Surock, Illmind, Stu-Bangaz, J-Rawls, Jason Rose, D1, Rob Stern, and Marco Polo.
Mhz Legacy will be released October 30th.

Track List after the jump.

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R.I.P. Chris Lighty

Few men have had the longevity in Hip Hop that Chris Lighty had. Whether it was his work in the late 80’s with Russell Simmon’s & Lyor Cohen’s RUSH Management, his early 90’s work with the Native Tongues and people like Diamond D or the role his Violator Management Company played in the careers of current superstars like 50 Cent, P. Diddy, Busta Rhymes, and Soulja Boy it is shocking to me that he is dead at the age of 44 of an apparent suicide.

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RZA’s “The Man With The Iron Fists” Soundtrack + Score Details Emerge

Some details just released about The Quentin Taratino presented  RZA film The Man With the Iron Fists’ soundtrack included some interesting collabs like RZA/Black Keys , Rza/Flatbush Zombies, Pusha T/RaekwonGhostface/MOP/Pharoah Monche, as well as a Kanye West solo joint.  The soundtrack will be in stores 10/23 and the movie will be in theatres 11/2.

Information about  the film’s  actual score  from the press release:

RZA recently discussed the making of the film’s unique score at Comic-Con 2012, explaining: “We went and got some of The Wu-Tang original songs…we took out a lot of stuff that was in it, and we re-orchestrated it.” “STAX also came on board to help us out, and they gave me about 10 of their famous STAX cues, songs from William Bell, from Isaac Hayes, from Mable John.” “So you’re going to have a great time listening to this movie as a soundtrack.” RZA chose to launch the soundtrack and score albums via his latest music industry venture, Soul Temple Records. Soul Temple releases will reflect independence, authenticity and artistry, engaging all elements of the creative community.

full Soundtrack  tracklisting after the jump

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Lindstrom Announces New Album “SMALHANS”

Norwegian producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is set to release his second album of 2012 SMALHANS. The album’s title may look like is says SMALL HANDS to a half-wit like myself but it is actually a Norwegian word that means scarcity or poverty. Each song of the 6 songs on SMALHANS is named after a traditional Norwegian meal. Smalhans was mixed by Todd Terje and will come out November 6th on Smalltown Supersound.

Listen to Lindtrom’s Rà-àkõ-st of off Smalhans