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Dig Me Out Podcast episode #68 – For Love Not Lisa, Merge

If you haven’t subscribed to the Dig Me Out Podcast, you’re missing out on a couple of serious music geeks reviewing undiscovered ’90s alt-rock gems. And every once in a while, Jay and Tim bring in special guests like yours truly to wax poetic about albums.

This week’s episode, #68 (!!!!), is about For Love Not Lisa’s 1993 album Merge. I’d tell you how this is one of my favorite albums ever but you’re better off just listening to the podcast where we’re joined by FLNL guitarist Miles who recalls the early days of the bands and tells a great story about talking Ace Frehley into performing a cover of his “Rocket Ride” with the band.

Download: Dig Me Out Podcast episode #68 – For Love Not Lisa, Merge

World premiere: Abandon Jalopy – “All the Way” video + podcast interview

We’re very excited and honored to be premiering “All the Way”, the first video from Abandon Jalopy’s Death & Joy, which will officially be released on February 14.

Abandon Jalopy’s Brad Smith spent a few hours on the phone with me a few weeks ago, talking about his new record and answering some questions about Blind Melon, the band that gave Brad his start. I edited it down (the call lasted 2.5 hours!) to about 40 minutes for a new podcast that, at least for this episode, is called “Behind the Cover”.

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