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Terrastock 7 Rumblings, Highlights, Etc…

We are now only two weeks away from Terrastock 7, to be held in Louisville, KY, and it looks like Donewaiting has become the unofficial web home for previewing the event. So I’m here today persuade all of you who are on the fence about this great festival. At my count at least 37 bands from across the globe will be performing over the course of four days, June 19th-22nd. Full festival passes are still available and individual days are only $25 per day. It looks like there are a variety of lodging options out there too. Louisville is around a three hour drive from Columbus and less than two from Cincinnati and Indianapolis, so even a day-trip is within reason.

Rumors about special collaborations are beginning to pop up, and the one that has me really excited is the idea of Kawabata Makoto of thee most prolific Acid Mothers Temple sitting in with Louisville’s hometown heroes Sapat (pictured above). Continue reading

Terrastock 7 Preview: A Quick Chat with Wooden Shjips

photo courtesy Holy Mountain Records

San Francisco’s Wooden Shjips are the quintessential Terrastock band. Fuzzy, loose around the edges and classically Psychedelic, their unique brand of head music draws equal inspiration from Japanese rock, Kraut, modern minimalism and their lysergic fathers from the American West. To put it simply, their discography is essential listening for anyone even remotely interested in the Psychedelic with a capital “P”. I caught up with mainman Ripley Johnson in anticipation of the first of what will hopefully be many Terrastock slots. This is my top festival pick.

After a flurry of releases in 2007, we’ve had about seven straight months with zero Shjips material. What gives?

We’ve been putting more energy into playing live, which is what we did in the first half of 2007 as well. We have a split 7″ with The Heads coming out, which will be available on our July tour with them in Europe. We’re also finishing up our 2nd LP for Holy Mountain, which will be available in the fall. And our early vinyl releases have been compiled as “Vol 1″, and is out on Holy Mountain in June. There should be another 7” or two out this year.

Continue reading

Countdown to Terrastock: Interview with Oneida

I’m pretty psyched to see Oneida. I’ve loved this band since I first laid my ears upon Come On Everybody Let’s Rock. Within there’s a song about cocaine that’s “profound.” But that was a while ago, and in the past decade Oneida has flown under the underground, doing exactly what they feel like doing. And doing Terrastock is something they should’ve been doing a long time ago. That decade has produced albums like the monolithic double LP Each One Teach One and their opus, The Wedding (a record made with industrial-sized, player-piano cylinders). To say they’ve been underappreciated is premature, just wait until your kids get a hold of these albums. Needless to say, the main attraction of Terrastock, besides a Simply Saucer reunion, is getting to finally see four of my head heroes in action (though they swear they played Bernies at one point). I caught up with Fat Bobby before some very prestigious shows in NYC.

Do you ever feel like you’ve reached a threshold of “epicness”? Like it’s getting harder and harder to top what you did last time?

Your question assumes a certain level of premeditation that just is not there in the creation of our music.

I remember a time when you were searching for a real harpsichord. Did you ever find it? What are you looking for these days?

Ha! You have an excellent memory. We did NOT find the harpsichord we wanted at the time we wanted it….and then, lo and behold, we stopped stressing, moved on, and recently an electric harpsichord (in terrible shape) has come into our lives. A classic example of chilling the fuck out and letting the universe have its way with you.

Not to dwell on Oneida’s past, but how did you get the idea to record The Wedding with giant music box cylinders? Did the process ever overshadow the recording of the songs? Were you happy with the results? Are we ever going to hear the raw tape from those sessions, the once promised “dub” version? Continue reading

Countdown to Terrastock Seven

Long before the internets cracked open the portal that lent instant accessibility to just about every nook and cranny of the underground there was such a thing as printed media – the ‘zine if you will. Back then it took weeks, sometimes months, to painstakingly compile interviews, retrieve records from the source, get photos, and paste it all down to templates that were then xeroxed and stapled and disseminated to mailboxes of those who had the patience, discriminate taste, a couple bucks, and ample time to digest it all.

Since 1998 editor Phil McMullen, publisher Nick Saloman (of Bevis Frond), and artist Iker Spozio, set out to unite all psychedelic heads under the umbrella of Ptolemic Terrascope, an “illustrated occasional” or ornately crafted ‘zine that has introduced the world to such diverse artists as the Olivia Tremor Control and the Acid Mother’s Temple, given detailed lectures on the essentials of Krautrock and British Folk, and basically guided inquiring minds towards the bygone renaissance and increasingly growing community of left-field artists and musicians. The effort and scope of each issue was such that the back catalog has become rarely found collector treasure (as each one was not only chocked full of obscuro reviews and expansive interviews, but also came with an accompanying disc of equally out-there music). Though as times have changed so has the frequency of Terrascope publications, and just last year, the magazine’s headquarters (from the English countryside to Oakland, CA). One thing has remained constant, that’s the annual Terrastock Festival – a weekend designed to enlighten with live performances from a curated laundry list of Terrascope faithful from all over the globe.

Now in its seventh year, the fest shows no signs of slowing down. This year promises to be one of the best of the bunch featuring performances by Brooklyn kraut-popsters, Oneida, Norwegian heavyweights, Motorpsycho, leader of the Acid Mother’s Temple, Makato Kawabata, and reformed Canadian proto-punks, Simply Saucer. And as a bonus it’s being held in Louisville, Kentucky, a measly three-hour drive from central Ohio, from Thursday June 19th-22nd. Full details can be found here, though the schedule is being tweaked daily.

Be warned though. As mentioned on their website:

“Terrastock is not an indie-rock A&R feeding frenzy. Bands and artists are there at the personal invitation of the organisers because we love their music and they love the way we do things. It’s simply about the music, and about the whole Terrastock spirit. If you’ve ever been to a Terrastock, you’ll know what we mean…”

In the coming weeks Donewaiting will become a resource for anyone who’s planning on attending (or those abroad who wish they could attend) with interviews with the bands, schedule updates, and maybe even a Louisville recommendation or two. Stay Tuned.