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Sweatin’ Halloween Costume Contest Tomorrow

Scotty wanted me to give this a a little push…And why not? Donewaiting alumAdulture is returning from Chicago. And there is a costume contest with over 1,000 dollars worth of prizes from all those great vendors. In an slightly unrelated … Continue reading

Major Lazer at Boma Tonight aka Sooon aka LGBNAF

video of diplo last time in columins Dear Diplo & Switch, Thanks you for making me okay with tanning. I’m dubbing tonight an honorary Satanic Spring Break, Also thanks to your mixtape triphoppers know who Gucci Mane is. Wes “Waka … Continue reading

Off the Grid this Weekend.

The Wexner Center for the Arts and Cultural Freedom will present to you on April 10th an event that  combines fine foods, local grassroots entertainment, charity, debuntantes, and more. acts:  Nick Tolford and Co : If you sweat Mayor Hawthorne, Amy Winehouse, … Continue reading

RJD2 Headlines Donewaiting’s Columbus 7 Year Anniversary on February 5 2010

RJD2 is headlining Donewaiting’s 7 Year Anniversary February 5th in Columbus and we couldn’t be more delighted. In the past our anniversary’s line-ups weren’t slouchs. Last year’s event was the start of a pretty good year for quite a few … Continue reading

Adult Culture at Trauma Tonight

MP3:Le Principle – Your Magic (Original Mix) {Le Principle is a new disco house project Adulture is part of. Adulture is playing at Trauma tonight) Trauma is a fetish ball that the Evolved tattoo doods put on. I end up … Continue reading

Oct. 26 in Columbus: The Loved Ones

photo by k. maroon MP3: The Loved Ones – Distracted MP3: The Loved Ones – The Bridge Back when I was a Philadelphia middle-school kid with a mushroom haircut and giant tortoise-shell glasses, I remember getting my introduction to the … Continue reading

Tonight in Columbus:The Meatmen or Yello Fever

The Meatmen “Crippled Children Suck” Ok. When I was in 8th grade I kinda fronted on the Meatmen. I was SXE listening to Minor Threat & the Dead Kennedys next to Public Enemy & Poor Righteous Teachers so song titles … Continue reading

Diplo in Columbus Review

800 people paid 12-20 dollars to see Diplo in Columbus,Ohio. For good reason. He invented anything that matters currently in the world of dancing. I mean…do I need to point out how before Diplo it was either James Brown or … Continue reading

Diplo in Columbus Tonight

Schoolboy posted the settimes for Diplo: lineup is outside stage 9-10 dave espionage 10-11 cashola inside stage 9-11 ddpesh 11-12 adulture 12-close diplo Dear Diplo, I have been an avid fan of you for many years now. I too like … Continue reading

Donewaiting Friday Evening Programming Note

Yes, we recommended three shows (1, 2, 3) tonight within hours of them happening. Yes, you had no time to properly prepare. Don’t worry about it. Planning your Friday night in advance is for suckers* and Ben Gibbard. (* = … Continue reading