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Zerostar vs. Ec Vol:MC Battle @ Daymon Day Park Jam

In a further effort to make Daymon Day New York City circa 88, we will have an emcee battle after our verision of the Rucker Tourney.Around 530 Zerostar will battle EC Vol of Intricate Sunz on while people do names big. … Continue reading

Daymon Day Basketball Tourney Match-Ups

As mentioned before, Daymon Day will be returning to Tuttle Park 9-19-09. For more info on Daymon Day, and its parade, please read 614 Magazine’s article on the event. 614 interviewed Envelope, Daymon’s mom Judy and myself for the article. … Continue reading

Daymon Day 9-19-09

Daymon Day will be returning to Tuttle Park, Saturday 9-19-09. There will be basketball, mural painting, dejay’s and a cookout from 3-8pm culiminating with the highlight of any god-fearing/foreign car stearing humyn’s week, the Daymon Day Parade. The parade leaves … Continue reading

Daymon Day Parade 2008: Yessir!

The 3rd Annual Daymon Day happened last Saturday. People treated it like a holiday. They honored friendship, being welcoming, kind, exciting and adsurdly funny.

Daymon Day Parade 9-20-2008

If you are a human being and consider yourself  someone who likes culture, art, music or anything….. Basically, if you like anything at all and aren’t a terrible unhappy person for chrissakes watch the above video. It’s of last year’s Daymon Day … Continue reading

Daymon Day Pt. 1

Two weeks ago, on September 15th, some of us in Ohio celebrated the second annual Daymon Day, honoring our friend Daymon Dodson, who many have dubbed “the Patron Saint of Indie Culture” in Columbus. The past couple years have had … Continue reading

RJD2 Loves Daymon & Przm

RJD2 called me last night, and asked what was being done for Przm and Daymon today. Then he offered to dejay. So he is. As far as the actual PRZM Tribute…Pos posted this list on im going to spill … Continue reading

Saturday: Daymon Day Parade 2007

This Saturday will see the second annual Daymon Day Parade take place in Columbus. This event started last year in memory of Columbus’ Daymon Dodson, an icon in the local music scene and a friend to everyone. Having experienced it … Continue reading

Daymon Day Parade 2007: September 15th

R.I.P Daymon aka So What! aka Racist Joe

Word came yesterday that Daymon had past away. He was an essential part of the Columbus music scene. Although he was probably best known in the hip hop circles, Daymon was also active in the rock, experimental, punk and indie … Continue reading