Video: King Vada – “New Reckoning”

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King Vada’s “Preludes to A Murder” EP. It comes out 1/5/13. There is a listening party tonight
@ Milk Bar in Columbus.

Shot by: Ngockhanh Ngo
Directed by: King Vada + Ngockhanh Ngo
Edited+Effects by: Walter Nini (for @ENDOCOLOR)

Video: Cappadonna – “Pull Your Life Together”

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Wu-Tang Clan’s 10th Official member Cappadonna renaissance continues. Last year he got down with his Wu-Tang comrades on RZA’s “The Man With The Iron Fists” OST on the Wu-Tang Clan reunion track “Six Directions Of Boxing” and with his appearance on the Wu-Tang Clan & D-Block project “Wu-Block”. Above is “Pull Your Life Together” off his upcoming album forthcoming double-CD, ‘Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre,’ which will be released on 2-26-2013 on RBC Records.

I really like that Cappadonna mentions that he doesn’t tip at the strip club while feeling empathy for a stripper.

Captured Tracks Partner With Flying Nun For Reissue Program


Brooklyn-based label Captured Tracks is partnering with Flying Nun to reissue the late 70’s New Zealand label’s back catalog which includes bands like the Clean, The Chills, The Tall Dwarfs, The Verlaines, The Bats,

Obviously, Flying Nun has had a huge influence on the majority of Columbus, Ohio’s Siltbreeze bands.

Below is “Swimming Pool” which is off of an upcoming Toy Love Anthology that will be the first release from this partnership on 2/19.

Toy Love (pre-Tall Dwarfs/the Bats) was around from January 1979 to September 1980. The Toy Love Compilation collects all the A & B sides of the three Toy Love singles, plus the best demos from 1979, a live track and even a radio jingle. All mastered for vinyl, straight from the original analogue tapes, no nasty CDs nor digital sources were used at all. While, the back cover features a sketched cartoon of an early Toy Love flyer drawn by Chris Knox.

Watch: Kendrick Lamar – “Backseat Freestyle” Video

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Kendrick Lamar  had my album of the year “Good Kid M.A.A.D. City” here on donewaiting. Above is a video for “Backseat Freestyle” which Lamar and Jerome D, Dave Free directed.

If you like this you can buy this album on i-tunes.


Wes Flexner’s Albums of 2012 List.

If you don’t get bored of scrolling down this list you can also watch random videos from Ohio artists. And read more lists in the Other Paper.

40. Ghetto Brothers – Power Fuerza

Ghetto Brothers Vest back

Ghetto Brothers’ Power Fuerza is a record created in 1971 by a South Bronx gang that turned into a band. This storied record was reissued this year. You know the Hip Hop story that turns the Warriors into Wild Style?

Something like that.

I think that BARACK OBAMA should have these dudes reform for his inauguration to promote Peace, Love ,Unity and Having Fun.

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Photos: Kill Hannah & Dot Dot Dot @ HOB Chicago

Kill Hannah & Dot Dot Dot
House of Blues Chicago
December 22, 2012

Kill Hannah hosted their annual party with Dot Dot Dot at the HOB Chicago along with returning members guitarist Jonny Radtke, who has been involved with Filter for a few years and drummer Elias Mallin, who’s been touring with Kesha. Ke$ha? Yeah, that’s it.

Kill Hannah



Dot Dot Dot


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Video: P.Blackk “Diamonds & Furs” ft. Fabrashay A & Renee Dion

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P.Blackk & Fabrashay A ride around Columbus and rap at various spots.. Personally,  I love the scene where they rap in front of the graffiti in the bathroom of Carabar. Renee Dion adds vocals for this J.Rawls produced track.

This is off  the P.Blackk & J. Rawls album “Contemporary Nostalgia” which drops tonight (Dec 30th) on P.Blackk’s bandcamp.

Video:Tony Hawk Interviews Patrick Carney

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Patrick Carney tells Tony Hawk a story about stalking Akron, Ohio heroes Devo as a teenager.

Video: Mike Doughty – “Take Me Home, Country Roads” (John Denver cover)

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It was a good year for good rock books. Joe Oestreich of Watershed released Hitless Wonder, probably my fave of the year, and Mike Doughty released The Book of Drugs. Doughty has been a busy man, and I’ve found he’s generally worth listening to, whether writing or releasing solo albums or mouthing off about the music industry.

His new album The Flip is Another Honey ($5) is a covers record. Check out the first video for the John Denver cover “Take Me Home, Country Roads” — a song you’re bound to hear at any given open mic or karaoke night. But Doughty does a good job of making it his own without excising the hook. (I’m also not ashamed to admit I’ve spent much of the holidays listening to an old vinyl copy of Rocky Mountain Christmas.)

Video: Jenny Mae – “Ho Bitch” (Live at Anyway 20th anniversary)

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Back in August we premiered the first video from Columbus ex-pat and Anyway Records alum Jenny Mae. The song was called “Ho Bitch,” off the album Don’t Wait Up for Me. (The track is far more lovely than the title implies.)

As mentioned previously, Mae played one of her first sets in ages over the weekend at Anyway Records’ 20th Anniversary show at Ace of Cups, and Surly Shirley was kind enough to capture some video of her performing “Ho Bitch,” ably backed by the Woosley Band. Enjoy.

And here’s that original video again:
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