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Saturday night: RATT @ The Alrosa

RATT did it right. Rather than trying to be modern sounding or advancing their sound, they went back to Out of the Cellar and Invasion of Your Privacy, figured out what they did to sell millions of records in the late ’80s and used that as a template for a brand new record of songs that sound brand old.

I was hoping you’d be reading an interview with one of the guys (3 original members – Stephen Pearcy, Warran DeMartini, Bobby Blotzer, 2 newer guys – Carlos Cavazo, Robbie Crane) in this spot but nothing ever worked out even though we tried a few times.

Maybe things aren’t real good in the RATT camp these days. Pearcy recently told a British-based website that he’s looking forward to a break. “I’m ready to go with new solo stuff with the Rat Bastards and my new band Battering Ramm. Will we do another Ratt record? I don’t know. Things didn’t fall into place and I’ve left my options open. We’ll see what happens.”

Saturday night RATT will run through a greatest hits set, with a few tracks from 2010’s Infestation thrown in, to celebrate the Alrosa Villa’s 30th anniversary. This might be the last time you’ll have a chance to check out RATT before they hang it up. Tickets are $25.

Interview: John Waite

On Sunday night, John Waite will be opening for Huey Lewis & The News (trivia fact: my first concert was Huey Lewis & The News at Blossom Music Center during the Sports tour) at Fraze Pavilion in Kettering, Ohio (1.5 hrs. west of Columbus).

Waite started his recording career as a member of The Babys (“Everytime I Think of You”, “Back on My Feet Again”) in 1977, enjoyed a hit-filled solo career in the ’80s (“Missing You”, “Change”), joined the supergroup Bad English (“When I See You Smile”, “Price of Love”) in the early ’90s, and did some work with Alison Krauss in the ’00s, including an incredibly intoxicating remake of “Missing You”.

For the past few years, he’s been touring and giving what fans really want … the hits. Waite is almost finished with a new album, as you’ll read, and is happy to still be performing in front of fans 30+ years after he first started out.

The singer recently answered some questions I sent via email.

You’ve been able to sustain a 30-year career based primarily on songs that you wrote 20+ years ago. And you tend to tour with your peers from the ’80s. Would you rather be considered a contemporary artist or are you happy with the ’80s tag as long as people still remember you and the songs you’ve written?

The Babys’ last year together was 1980 and we had quite a bit of success. Those songs were already considered part of the 70’s. Then came “Change” and “Missing You” in the 80’s and “When I See You Smile” in the early 90’s, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever been part of any one decade. I’ve never considered myself mainstream although I’ve had some pretty big hits. The longer you stick around, the more likely you are to pigeonhole. Personally, I think the last couple of albums are my best, but what do I know?

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Saturday night: ’80s Power Ballad Night @ The Treehouse


Local bands doing ’80s power ballads sounds like a helluva good time to me. This theme night has been going on for 10 years but I was always afraid to attend because when I think of ’80s power ballads, I think of hair metal and my biggest fear was that some might do covers of Whitney Houston or New Kids on the Block songs.

I’ve been told by Chuck Oney – one of the night’s organizers – that the setlist for Saturday night’s show includes covers of songs by Poison, LA Guns, Metallica, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, GNR, Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue, Autograph, Steelheart, Billy Squier, Prince, Night Ranger, & John Waite.

Scheduled to perform at The Treehouse (887 Chambers Road) are: Karate Coyote, Keith Jenkins & The Moving Parts, PoopHouse Reilly, The Vague, One Pretty Minute, Tom Boyer, Rick Kinsinger, Erika Carey, Pat Moore, Lydia Loveless & Go Robot Go!!

Here are my top 11 power ballads from the hair metal era (some snuck into the early ’90s so I don’t want to call them “80s power ballads”).

1. “Heaven” – Warrant
2. “I Still Think About You” – Danger Danger
3. “Sister Christian” – Night Ranger
4. “Wasted Time” – Skid Row
5. “Never Let You Go” – Steelheart
6. “Fly High Michelle” – Enuff Z’ Nuff
7. “Don’t Close Your Eyes” – Kix
8. “Thru These Eyes” – Spread Eagles
9. “Love Song” – Tesla
10. “No Stranger to Love” – Black Sabbath

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