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Review: Some Musings About the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival

Danny Brown (pictured above) asked the crowd Saturday if Pitchfork was the first thing they check when they get on a computer. I mean, I don’t give a fuck who you are, or what you are into; It prolly goes Facebook, Twitter, Vice.com, and P4k.  That rhetorical question had a point.  So with that said, the reason this review is mad late is because I didn’t think I had much news compared to their own coverage.  Lady Gaga did watch Kendrick Lamar. If you care you already know that. I figure at this point you can read this after you have run out of things to look at on the internet. I do have a yelp about the Megabus, a liking of Liturgy  and a suggestion on how to fix all rap performances.

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MP3: A$ap Rocky/ A$ap Mob “Bath Salts” Ft Flatbush Zombies

MP3: Bath Salt (prod. P On The Boards) (feat. Flatbush ZOMBiES)

Psshh. New Yorkers just getting hip to Bath Salts.

Columbus Man Convicted For Selling Bath Salts

Bath Salt Raid in the Short North 

Spin Magazine Article on Bath Salts in Columbus, Ohio

A$ap Rocky/Danny Brown/Schoolboy Q Tour Coming To Columbus, Ohio

Oh boy, A$ap Rocky,A$ap Mob, Danny Brown, and Schoolboy Q are hitting the road for the LongLiveA$ap Tour. The tour set is scheduled to play the Newport Music Hall on October 6th here in Columbus, Ohio. Tickets are $25 dollars and go on sale July 27 at all Ticketmaster locations.
Rest of the dates here

Kathy Griffin And Anderson Cooper Discuss A$ap Rocky & Danny Brown

YouTube Preview Image

Posting this one late because the power was out all day in Central Ohio because monsoon.

Last week we posted a video of A$ap Rocky & Danny Brown discussing older women that they would do it with for Noisey.  One of those women was Kathy Griffin. Well, Kathy Greffin saw the discussion and brought it up on her Bravo TV  Show.  Watch her and Anderson Cooper(!) talk about how they are feeling Danny Brown & A$ap Rocky and rap in general.

A$AP Rocky Talks To Noisey About Playing Trill JFK and Lana & Waka on His New Album

YouTube Preview Image

Noisey has a pretty good interview with A$ap Rocky about playing a “trill JFK” in Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” video (above), In this interview Rocky discusses groping Lana Del Rey  while filming “National Anthem”. I am a decent looking man. I have nice eyes. But I do not grope women unless I am already having sex with them and they are on the phone with someone they are related to.

But A$ap is dat pretty mfer so I imagine unsolicited ass-grabbing is situationally acceptable from him.

I watched the video several times to figure out when Rocky groped her. At first, I thought maybe he grabbed her boob because he really is never near her butt. But in the interview he definitely says “buns”. Whatever the case, Del Rey  is on Rocky’s upcoming album LongLiveA$AP on a song called “My Bitch”, which drops September 11th.

I guess Waka Flocka Flame,  and Pharrell are among the other guests according to this interview. No word if Rocky also groped Waka Flocka Flame but I would assume he would not because A$ap is not homophobic so therefore he is not repressing an existence of latent homosexuality.


I love it, yeah. I think you make a great JFK. How did it come about?
Lana wrote the treatment with me in mind. She wanted me to be the lead guy. Shit is like, everybody knows we got a thing for each other and we wanted to show that on screen. She’s a genius like…. nigga look at this bitch, I wanna fuck the shit outta her. Look at her she’s gotta be in her late 30s and shit… Err, Hello?

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Video: Danny Brown & A$ap Rocky DIscuss Sexing Older Famous Women

Noisey has Danny Brown & A$ap Rocky going back and forth about pulling women off social networks, who they hate in the industry, and what famous older women they would like to have sexual intercourse with. Spoiler: Danny Brown wants to hook up with Elvira Mistress of the Dark. A$ap wants to hump Cher.

discussion after the jump.
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MP3: A$ap Rocky – “Goldie” (Produced By Hit-Boy)

MP3: Goldie (prod._Hit-Boy) (asapmob)

A$ap Rocky drops his first single of his upcoming album LongLiveA$AP due out in July. Goldie is produced by Hit Boy of “Ziggan in Paris” fame.

2012 SXSW Recap: Real Rap Vacation

Tired as fuck, I walked out of the “Killer Mike R.A.P. Music Showcase” Wednesday. After getting outside, I wondered why DJ Detox was bullshitting and not outside.  I walked back inside and he was making small talk with the GZA.

When I found the GZA and Detox, a small crowd had also found the GZA.
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A$ap Rocky Sole Classics Columbus In-Store & Kendrick Lamar Freestyle At The Schottenstein Center

Mp3: ASAP_Rocky-Houston_Old_Head_Prod_By_DJ_Burn_One 1.

Sole Classics had an A$ap Rocky in-store prior to Rocky playing with Drake & Kendrick Lamar at the Schott for the Club Paradise Tour. A lot people around town will prolly be stoked “That pretty mf” said he is against homophobia in a recent interview. And  It’s real cool that the Harlem rapper shot through Sole Classics. From the looks of the autograph wall; A$ap doesn’t look like he has a graffiti hand. Not that it anyone cares if he has a hand. Just an observation. He did put an inverted cross next his name.  I am also digging A$ap Ferg’s anarchy sign.

For more photos of the instore please visit Kings Rowe where I took these photos from.

After the jump is a video of Kendrick Lamar rocking an accapella later that evening at the Club Paradise Tour.

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Video: A$ap Rocky – “Wassup” (Official Video)( Co-Directed By Vice)

Vice Magazine Co-directed and premiered this A$ap Rocky video along with the A$ap. A$AP Rocky and VICE include elements from Rocky’s five favorite movies, namely, Scarface, Belly, Enter The Dragon, The Warriors, and, of course, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. The pretty muthafucker who is repping Harlem also has pentagrams, ferrari’s, girls getting naked and trippy visuals on this one. Wassup is off LiveLove A$ap and produced by Clams Casino.

Peep the NSFW video after the jump.
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