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New Lifestyle Magazine in Columbus


Seems like everyday there is a new monthy lifestyle magazine popping up in Columbus. 

Joining  C- ,upstart 614 and CMH  Magazines (aka the future home invasion journal) in the quest for documenting the bourgieous bohemian lifestyle is CSBYS’ new alt monthly newspaper.(humor)

Columbus Sucks Because You Suck has existed for a few years as a  monthly calender to spread awareness of events at DIY spaces in Columbus. So a newspaper about Columbus culture is a natural progression. 

Some highlights of the first issue are

– a critique of Screaming Females’ attempt as using DIY networks to seem edgy from a first hand account.

-an utlra-talk  poem about Weedsteelers getting kicked out of a Vice Magazine party

-How to Name Your Punk House

-A review of the police shooting on 17th

-an interview with Aaron Hibbs

Find the inaguaral issue at the DIY spaces you frequent or on Jimi Payne’s blog, Banalization.