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Method Man In Columbus December 27th

I saw Method Man in 1994 at Valley Dale. Adina Howard opened. She performed with her backside facing the audience the whole time. Not quite a regular Miles Davis because she would look over her shoulder into the crowd. Which if you think about it…Singing while contorted is a difficult task. Place went apeshit when she did Freak Like Me. I was with my girllfriend at the time so I kept acting like I didnt notice that a woman in leather shorts was basically putting her ass in all of our faces. Me. I straight stared at my Timbs and complained about R+B.  Even though you know I am high-powered …Beg your pardon God.

Meth was entertaining because 1) He kept thanking the women in the crowd that keep their “pu77ies tight”. 2) He invited everyone on stage and eventually got maced by a cop. Despite being blinded Meth wasn’t detered. He attempted to fight the soundman for turning the music off after the macing.  After Meth was escorted away the crowd refused to leave. Everyone  stayed and chanted “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin to Fuck Wit” for a half hour. The BOMA show will probably be different.

MP3: Wu-Tang: St. Ides Commercial