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Animal Collective: Leaf House (Adulture Remix)

vein structure, Bradford pear leaf, color removed

MP3: Leaf House (Adulture Remix)

It’s looking like in 2009, donewaiting.com is going to double as an Adulture fan site, but I don’t care… I’m really loving everything these guys are up to.

Mustard Pimp: Rer D (Adulture Remix)


For the first minute and a half of this Adulture remix, you may feel you are in some sort of Sci-Fi outerspace Sigourney Weaver situation. By 2:20 you realize it’s time to forget about that alien that wants to eat your skull and just dance.

MP3: Rer D (Adulture Remix)

Reminder: Donewaiting 6 Year Anniversary January 24 in Columbus

This is going to be fun, assuming the modern ice age hasn’t overtaken.

Get to know your bands with these MP3s:
Envelope: Straight Up (featuring Hugs and Kisses)
Two Cow Garage: Your Humble Narrator
Moon High: Gathering Song
Adulture: Selfish Minimix 2

Feel good about yourself and RSVP on Facebook. (Poster by Reno of course)

Adulture-Selfish Minimix

MP3:Adulture-Selfish Minimix

The young-ass fidget house duo have offered up a minimix to kinda let people know what they do.
track list

good life-inner city
orgasm fun-adulture
good life remix-adulture
night-Benga & Coki (adulture edit)
lost in music-jean nipon (adulture edit)
drugs in my body- thieves like us (adulture edit)

Adulture will be playing at the Donewaiting 6-Year Anniversary along with Envelope, Moon High and Two Cow Garage 1-24-08.