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Watch: Aesop Rock – “Cycles To Gehenna” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Noisey dropped this new Aesop Rock video for Cycles To Gehenna off Aes Rizzles’ new album Skelethon on Rhymesayers . Aside from the occasional thought of bulimia they conjure I would say ballerina’s are mostly, always welcome. Directed by Ben Fee and Pete Lee.

Video: Aesop Rock – “ZZZ TOP”

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Aesop Rock dropped a video for ZZZ TOP off his upcoming album Skelethon which comes out 6/10/12 on Rhymesayers Entertainment. No, Aes Rizzle is not rocking cheap sunglasses and a beard as the name of the song might make you think.

This is a kung fu jump-off.

I guess kung fu was in the air yesterday as  RZA announced his upcoming Kung Fu movie The Man with Iron FIst will feature music from Kanye West, The Black Keys, Wu-Tang and Wiz Khalifa according to Consequence of Sound.

Illogic (little interview w Me) Video + Tourdates + Rmx w Aesop Rock / Slug / Zero

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Illogic for a feature in the Alive. He spliced footage of this interview with footie of his release parties in Dayton and Columbus for this video thats circulating the internet.

Illogic is mad eloquent. I am mad hung-over.

I am not the only weird-o eccentric writerdood that Illogic is circulating the net with currently. Hip Hop DX is streaming the rmx of Diabolical Fun that features longtime penpal’s Slug, Aesop Rock & Columbus rapper Zero Star. Listen to the remix here–>Hip Hop DX
Watch video of Aesop recording his words here–>here

Zero will Join Illogic & DJ Manwell on the upcoming Diabolical Fun Tour. If you are wierd white poet writerdood please interrupt Zerostar anytime he is talking to a girl & ask him how he feels about the hole in the OZONE layer and/or tell him all your girl problems. Continue reading

Aesop Rock Recording a Verse for Illogic Remix

Illogic’s longtime friend Aesop Rock recording a verse @ 3 Am for a remix of the Illogic song “Diabolical Fun”

Aesop Rock: None Shall Pass


MP3: None Shall Pass

Similar to Atmosphere finding pop-punk fans, Aesop Rock‘s buddying up with suburbanites most favored pastimes (video games, cartoons) without much edge were prolly big points in indie-raps ability to make fiscal ends meet, but also allowed most critics to convince themselves that Paul Wall, and Cam’ron were more avant-garde than those had been championed as the Bukowskis and Shoepenhaurs of their genre.

Thats how I took “Fast Cars, Daggers, and Knives”, Aesop’s last ep, and to a lesser extent “Bazooka Tooth”. He became a middle class guy whose most interesting thing about him was that he could be a cynical dick and he prolly owned the Japanese version of the Playstation 5 and a Sex Pistols album.

Now in the past, Aesop had been a paranoid post-modern, fatalist/scratched idealist, who had realized the high standards of work ethic and existential willpower can have some fatal crashes.
Like how he went from “Labor Days” Daylight’s proclamation, “Life isn’t a bitch, Life is a beautiful women. You are just mad cause your just an asshole that can’t sweet-talk the princess.” to “Maybe your just to asshole. Maybe I am just asshole” of Nightlife.

What a difference 9-11 and the ending of a serious relationship meant to ones concept of what was possible.

So after the Nihilism from heavy trauma came the video games, Nike and prolly a cartoon channel. He prolly got happy because he was getting money. Can’t fault a guy for getting happy, and healthy. But in my opinion he became a parody of himself, and possessing a complete lack of urgency.

Well, “None Shall Pass” bucks this trend.

Continue reading

Going Away Party For Juan Davis Tonight

Envelope will be performing tonight at Cafe Bourbon Street as part of a going away party for Weightless souljah Juan Davis. Here is a video of Juan doing his thug thizzle at Comfest.

Juan is moving to Cali to enlist in the hyphy movement. The war on Iraq and hyphy movement have very similar failures: popular in small regions but only resonating with white suburbanites nationally. So Juan is going to attempt to remedy that. Joking. Juan is moving to Cali to be warm and live with his girlfriend.

Juan is an intergal part of Hip Hop scene in Columbus. When I first met him, he had just been featured in the Dispatch as a spoken word poet. I think that was like 2000. He had a stint at the Alive. I remember him reviewing the famous Aesoprock/Weightless/MHZ/Atom’s show at DIY venue Thieve’s World. I was just a vandal then, and was stoked that writers got mentioned in the paper for their help in the event. Juan went on to being a crucial behind the scenes person in Bustown Rap, assisting Blueprint, Illogic, and anyone close to Weightless Camp for like 7 years. Hell. I ran into him at Barnes and Noble today, and he gave me a ride home.
He will be missed.

He posted his merch learnings here on Donewaiting.