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Lollapalooza 2011 – Day 2

Talk amongst the Lollapalooza vets that I’ve been hanging out with the past few days is that this year’s lineup isn’t one of the strongest and that rather than having to decide between 2 or 3 great bands almost every hour of every day, there are now a few stretches where you show up early and sit through a band you don’t know much about just to secure a spot for a band a little further on down the lineup.

I missed seeing Friendly Fires due to getting a late start and having a long lunch. When I got to the media tent, I quickly spotted Mick Jones (The Clash/Big Audio Dynamite) talking to ABC Radio. After he was done, I asked if I could get a quick picture and he willingly obliged. (I’m proudly sporting the Ohio Mixtape t-shirt from Alison Rose).

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Latest Donewaiting Banner by Nicholas Nocera of Alison Rose

To spruce up the look of Donewaiting every month, we’ve been asking artists to do a new banner for the website. Last month was Clinton Reno‘s modified version of the Donew8ing Anniversary art, and the next one we’ve just rolled out is by Nicholas Nocera of Alison Rose.

Alison Rose recently redesigned their website and it’s definitely worth checking out. Lots of cool t-shirts, sweatshirts, wallets, etc. Some of my favorite designs of theirs is the Ohio Mixtape and the Love Your Librarian.

We are working with a few different artists for future banners of donewaiting, but if you’d like to contribute one get in touch with me and we’ll slot it in.

Black Swans & Bonnie “Prince” Billy cover Larry Jon Wilson on split 7″

Many are still mourning the passing of immensely talented and woefully overlooked country singer Larry Jon Wilson. But to celebrate his music, Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Columbus’s the Black Swans “Sing Larry Jon Wilson” on this new Drag City seven-inch. The Bonnie Prince, with some help from Cheyenne Mize, tackles “Bertrand My Son” off Wilson’s 1975 Monument Records debut New Beginnings. Jerry DeCicca, who produced LJW’s self-titled “comeback” album released on Drag City last year (my fav of ’09), enlisted his Black Swans to do “The Man I Wish For You,” an unreleased song that DeCicca says he found “rotting away on a reel-to-reel in the EMI basement in Nashville.” (Drummer/Orchestraville alum Keith Hanlon recorded the session at the Grandview Heights Public Library.)

LJW is a particularly difficult artist to cover. His rich, Georgia baritone and singular guitar style gave all his songs an inimitable feel, and any songs he covered became Wilsonized so much that you’d think they were his songs all along. These two tracks succeed in much the same way while still paying homage and communicating a reverence to a man DeCicca and Oldham revered.

Artwork was screenprinted by Nick Nocera of Alison Rose. In Columbus, you can find several copies for $7 apiece at Yeah, Me Too coffee in Clintonville; the rest of the world will have to wait till Sept. 21 when Drag City will exclusively handle distro.

Long live Larry Jon Wilson.

Alison Rose Launches New Online Store

In Columbus, you probably know Alison Rose from their awesome Ohio Mixtape T-shirt:

Well, they’ve launched a new online store where you can get t-shirts, tote bags, wallets, and more. Click here to check it out. Of interest to y’all might be their sweet new record shirt: